A year ago the Phi Centre housed an immersion into the kaleidoscopic world of emerging pop princess, Allie X–a creative collaboration which culminated in a 48h reveal.

Over the course of a two-week residency, Allie X and the Phi Centre teamed up to construct the next artistic chapter in the career of the Los Angeles-by-way-of-Toronto singer/songwriter. 48H ALLIE X was the result of this intense 14-day creative collusion, which the public was invited to discover through a debut live performance, digital installation, interactive media installations and comic book.

Phi also produced the media project below, which, exactly one year later, we are releasing online for the first time.

Conceived and directed by Phi’s Phoebe Greenberg, Renata Morales and George Fok, this media project features stunning visuals and conceptual storytelling that expands upon the language and themes of The Story of X: Chapter I. Shot at the Phi Centre during Allie X’s residency and featuring the FOXTROTT remix of Allie X’s song “Bitch,” the powerful visual showcase invites viewer interpretation and served as Phi’s artistic moment at the C2 Montréal conference’s closing party, 2015 edition.

Produced by: Phi
Original Idea and Creation Direction: Phoebe Greenberg and Renata Morales
Producer: Penny Mancuso
Director of Photography & VFX Creative Director: George Fok
Editor: George Fok
In collaboration with: 1one
Music: Bitch by Allie X, FOXTROTT remix

Allie X about 48H ALLIE X
“The Phi Centre was a truly Xcellent Xperience that I will never forget. It was a warm journey, punctuated with laughter, delicious meals, and most importantly beautiful art. I will credit the Phi Centre for many things, but perhaps most notably as the place where the Live Xperience was conceived. It was a lengthy birthing process, because I was hesitant to do anything live until I knew it would be Xtraordinary. Phi shared the same vision, and together we created a 48H XPERIENCE of technology, multimedia and interactivity. The X-a-chord, The Wizard of X and The Shadow Nose all inhabited the Phi Centre for 48H and I made my onstage debut. ThanX so much to everyone at Phi for sharing a vision and bringing it to fruition. I will never forget.”

Photo credit: George Fok (cover) + Andrea Cloutier (gallery)

À propos du Centre Phi
Le Centre Phi, c’est des salles qui se transforment au gré des activités: lancement, conférence, colloque, projection, exposition, concert, spectacle, installation interactive. C’est des studios de création et de production, avec la technologie la plus sophistiquée, mise au service des besoins artistiques. C’est un centre multifonctionnel où l’art peut s’exprimer dans tous ses états. Et c’est surtout un lieu d’échanges, d’apprentissage, de découverte, de lancement, de tournage, d’enregistrement, etc.

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