Is Tranna a hoarder? Can Thomas become a minimalist? It’s time for a massive spring cleaning; a spiritual, material, and digital decluttering. Tranna has discovered the Marie Kondo method of tidying and has committed to the process of determining what sparks joy and throwing away everything that doesn’t. Thomas has decided to repaint his room. The bold colour he’s chosen? White. As the two discuss their living spaces, bigger questions of identity and our connection to "stuff" emerges...

This week, Chosen Family rolls out the red carpet for a true Canadian icon, disco queen, Patsy Gallant! Patsy — a three-time Juno award-winning artist, who has sold over three million records worldwide — burst into the studio, like an unstoppable ball of energy and we had the best time! She is most well-known for her biggest hits Sugar Daddy and From New York to L.A., and for playing the role of Stella Spotlight in Starmania for eight consecutive years in Paris. From music to film and theatre, Patsy has done it all and has survived the ups and downs of a cut-throat industry without losing her integrity and joyous spirit. Now, at 70 years old (this is where she’d scream), Patsy is embarking on the artistic journey of a lifetime as she prepares to record the album she’s never gotten to make: an album of songs written and composed entirely by her, songs she’s written throughout her life but has never shared. The only way for Patsy to make this album a reality is with your help. You can contribute to the project right here.


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Also joining the family this week is one of Tranna’s favourite actresses, Jennifer Elise Cox! You’ll probably remember Jennifer as Jan from the 90’s Brady Bunch movies, but she’s also had roles in Will and Grace and Sex and the City and consistently steals the show in everything she’s in! Jennifer more than lived up to Tranna’s expectations and was the sweetest person to talk to.

The episode ends with Thomas and Tranna’s current obsessions: Fran Lebowitz, the Cambridge Analytica whistleblowers, and the music of CRi featuring Odile Myrtil (who you can see at the last two performances of Sainte Céline: A New, New Day.

Chosen Family is a podcast created by rising comedy stars Thomas Leblanc and Tranna Wintour featuring conversations with special guests, storytelling and cultural commentary that shines a light on the importance of friendship, resistance and community. Presented and produced by Phi.

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