Compositions is a collaborative editorial series between musical artists, image makers, and Phi’s creative team.

At first glance, one might not think that a German hip-hop, dancehall, and electro band has much in common with emerging fashion talents in Montreal. But in the name of those unexpected creative collaborations that inspired Phi's Compositions series, in this installment we explore aesthetic and thematic connections between the edgy Hamburg duo Chefboss and the Order Project, a clothing collection designed by LaSalle College’s 2017 fashion design grads. And in the story told below with these photographs, starring Chefboss themselves wearing the Order Project, it's a perfect, powerful fit.

We first worked with Chefboss when the duo performed at the Phi Centre in November 2017. (Their album, Blitze aus Gold, was released last year on Universal.) In conceiving this collaboration, Phi's creative team felt that Chefboss' aesthetic, music, videos, and provocative urban attitude jived well with the Order Project's use of irony and subversion in both concept and design, and that the collection’s theatrical elements related to Chefboss’s explosive, high-energy performances. More subtly, they also perceived a synchronicity of intent: using creative expression to positively challenge social norms and expectations.

And so, in a meditation on mood, shadow, and friendship, Phi’s creative team conceived and shot these images with Chefboss Alice Martin (singer) and Maike Mohr (dancer, choreographer).

To add icing on the collaboration cake, Chefboss themselves wrote a little something for the road...

A Word from Chefboss

We’ve known each other for a long time, ten years or so, hitting the clubs and dancing the night away to dancehall music. Back then it was a small scene in Hamburg, our hometown, seeing the same faces religiously attend the same club on Monday nights.

Long before dancehall found its way to mainstream pop music, we celebrated the energy of the groove which fell in line with our own natural body language and expression. So why not do the music on our own, why not put dance and vocals as equals on stage? There was no reason not to do it, yet no reason to even dream of where our music would take us.

Our first performance abroad was in Montreal, Canada (apart from Austria, but let’s be honest, we share the same language so it didn’t feel as much abroad). The moment we got the message we would be flying to Canada… priceless! A German band with German lyrics going to perform in another country? Well, the welcome could not have been more welcoming. Same in Kampala, Uganda and recently Windhoek in Namibia. Seeing all those countries, experiencing them and meeting various people…

It might seem like a cheap fortune cookie saying, but throughout those trips, we found it to be a profound truth that music and dancing unite people.

See, language might be a barrier at first, but the honest enjoyment of music and dancing transcends landmarks and cultural heritages. Seeing people smiling, dancing, and letting go to our music has been beyond our wildest dreams. May it continue. If not… we would do it anyway.

Concept & Photography: George Fok
Styled by: Tishanna Carnevale
Hair: Roxanne Selleck
MUA: Frederick Lebeau
Featuring designers: Monki, Mia Alba, Béatrice Carré, Lucine Claudel, R. Comtois, Karine Cunningham, Natalia Daza, Hannah S. Gonzalez, Marie Hudon, Adriano Iuliani, Feng Yun Liu, Alexandra M., Aktuna Neslihhn, Karine Parent and Sofia Silva

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