Episode 6 of MIMS Radio is jam packed!

For this week’s in-studio performance, German psychedelic “Krautbeat” trio Sea Moya jam it out, Kid Koala shares some hilarious music selections that he can’t live without, Montreal producer High Klassified talks about going platinum in an interview, Doc’trin dives in to his forthcoming documentary on the enigmatic Patrick Adams, Kris Guilty of La Rama Records shares some brand new vinyls, and much much more!

This session features:

  • Crucial Material (00:02:20)
  • Geek Down: Doc’trin on Patrick Adams (00:21:53)
  • In Situ: Sea Moya (00:55:24)
  • Under The Counter with Kris Guilty of La Rama Records (01:11:32)
  • The DNA of Kid Koala (01:35:14)
  • Interview with High Klassified (01:40:46)


Crucial Material
"Roll (Burbank Funk)", The Internet
"Nont for Sale", Sudan Archives
"Jibaro Aguadeno", Lengaia
"Beira", Thiago Nassif

Geek Down: Doc’trin on Patrick Adams
"Wishful Thinking", Black Ivory
"I Got A Big Bee // Lady Bug", Bumblebee Unlimited
"Flying High", Cloud One
"Keep On Jumpin", Musique
"I Ain’t No Joke", Eric B & Rakim
"Multiple Stab Wounds", Big Foot

In Situ: Sea Moya
"New Past", Sea Moya
"Bedroom", Sea Moya
"Bangalore", Sea Moya

Under The Counter with Kris Guilty of La Rama Records
"Keep The Faith", Dailey
"Petróleo En Bruto", Kamel Oil Company Band
"Color Of Anyhow", Beverly Glenn-Copeland
"Weakest Link", Roza Terenzi
"Mystic Versions 01", Unknown
"Untitled A3"(DELODIO Records), Unknown Artist

The DNA of Kid Koala
"What A Wonderful World", Louis Armstrong
"Ya Mama", The Pharcyde
"Lift Your Face The Natural Way", Baroness Romana
"My Way", Frank Sinatra
"Sax And Violence", The Muppets
"The Nothing Record Album", No Artist
"South Bronx Subway Rap", Grandmaster Caz
"Beats & Pieces", Coldcut

Interview with High Klassified
"NS Bounce", High Klassified
"1919", High Klassified

"Sahara", Freakey & Platinum Wav

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