Björk Digital

A virtual reality exhibition by the visionary artist Björk, presented at DHC/ART Foundation for Contemporary Art

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The Phi Centre teams up with the Centre d'histoire de Montréal

Our permanent installations temporarily move to Centre d’histoire de Montréal

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Virtual Reality Garden: Felix & Paul Studios retrospective

Discover our permanent installation dedicated to the most innovative virtual reality works of the moment

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Workspace Playground

This summer, Le Rhinocéros by Phi presents a brand new theme: Workspace Playground is a tribute to creative culture!

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Presented by Phi and Red Bull Music Academy, in association with DHC/ART


Three months of free programming to discover just two blocks from the Phi Centre


What’s on: The Nomads trilogy by Felix & Paul Studios

Le Rhinocéros by Phi

Two new installations: a vinyl listening station, and a 3D scanner