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The Phi Centre will host an immersion into the kaleidoscopic world of Allie X

Where: Phi Centre
General Admission

We will welcome this future queen of shadow pop to the Phi Centre as part of a unique artist residency from April 13 to May 2. The creative collaboration will culminate in a 48h reveal, during which the public will be invited to discover the unique universe of Allie X through a debut live performance, interactive media installations, limited edition items available only in our pop-up shop and specially curated online experience: 48halliex.com.

48h Allie X marks a new chapter in the career of this Los Angeles-by-way-of-Toronto singer/songwriter.

To be Xperienced:

  • Interactive installations
  • Live performance (on April 30, as part of the opening night)
  • Pop-up shop
  • Curated online Xperience for fans around the world (48halliex.com)

Who is Allie X? The answer is not that simple. Understanding her universe is understanding the vision of a world, the World of X, that exists beyond the confines of one name or one person, where the music and the art become a blank canvas for people to adopt as a means of expression and communication, where X becomes any possible variable for self-fulfillment, reinvention, and the conflicts of human reality. In consequence, Allie X is best understood as a vessel for these ideas, a perfectly imperfect voice that can absorb the paradoxes of life and turn them into art.

Circling around themes of delusional dreams, crippling anxieties, self-destruction, endless ambition, addiction, medicine, and the paradox of human existence, Allie X offers music and art that become chronicles of this self-inflicted vortex. From the visual series which present a girl spinning in circles and presumably going nowhere, a deeper understanding and perspective begins to sink in with the audience, opening the door for a range of mixed feelings, #feelingX. The musical compositions and production bring together a gleaming and polished surface with more somber and shadowy edges, highlighting a fresh palette of sounds and a raw talent that is remarkably mature for a debuting artist. It’s electronic theatrical dream pop with high ambitions and supreme execution.

For more information about Allie X please visit her official websiteFacebookYouTubeTwitter and Instagram.

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