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A discussion as part of the Lucid Realities exhibition on the theme Nouveaux récits: expériences en solo vs expériences collectives.

Doors and exhibition access: 5 to 7 PM
7 to 8 PM
Tickets: $25
Taxes and fees included

Where: Space B (2nd floor)

The Phi Centre is pleased to present a series of discussions about storytelling, art and culture in the digital age, in a space immersed within the Lucid Realities exhibition. A total of three discussions will be held, one a month from September through November, in an intimate setting limited to 35 attendees in order to stimulate interaction between the guest speakers and the audience. These new 5 @ Tech are an exclusive opportunity for attendees to enjoy an enhanced Lucid Realities experience and rub shoulders with videogame, multimedia and new-technology experts in a relaxed, informal setting.

Each discussion focuses on a thought-provoking theme around the interaction between humans and technology, starting with Nouveaux récits: expérience en solo vs expériences collectives in September. Attendees will have free time to visit the exhibition and enjoy a drink from the bar before the discussion begins. For the inaugural event presented in collaboration with MUTEK, the Phi Centre is proud to welcome Jean-François Larouche, Creative Director at Moment Factory, and Sylvain Bernard, Narrative Director of Ubisoft and SpectreVision’s brainchild Transference, now featuring in Lucid Realities. Moderated by Phi’s team of educators, the event will draw on works in the exhibition as a launchpad for further reflection on the thoughts this content brings to mind.

Please note that the discussion will be held in French.

The Lucid Realities exhibition

The third instalment of the Sensory Stories series, Lucid Realities, invites visitors to navigate previously uncharted waters through virtual reality. Delving into a world of dreams, nightmares, memory and fantasy, the exhibition delivers a whole new way to explore, touch and feel the way we experience narrative, featuring today’s best immersive experiences and technologies such as artificial intelligence, mixed reality, olfaction, haptics and facial recognition.

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