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A discussion as part of the Lucid Realities exhibition on the theme The female perspective on virtual reality and immersive narratives.

Doors and exhibition visit: 5 to 7 PM
7 to 8 PM
Tickets: $25
Taxes and fees included

Where: Space B (2nd floor)

The 5 @ Tech discussions will be wrapping up in style this November 22 as the Phi Centre presents the third and final event in the series, with the theme of The female perspective on virtual reality and immersive narratives.

This third and final 5 @ Tech event, presented in collaboration with Women in film, television and digital media (FCTMN), will unfold in the same intimate setting at the heart of Phi’s Lucid Realities exhibition. Remember, these exclusive 5 @ Tech events are limited to just 35 attendees, and tickets are now available for past and current visitors to the exhibition, as well as anyone with an interest in new ways of storytelling in the digital age.

Attendees will be encouraged to explore how women are approaching these new ways to interact and tell stories that convey their identities. Just like the previous two 5 @ Tech evenings, attendees will have the opportunity to connect with some key players on Montreal’s cultural, creative and technological stage. The panelists for this final discussion will be:

  • Mouna Andraos from Daily tous les jours, an award-winning interaction design studio with a focus on collective experiences and participation in the public realm that took home the Grand Prize at the 2014 UNESCO Shenzhen Awards.
  • Claire Buffet, Executive Producer and partner at Turbulent, the Montreal design agency behind a dizzying array of webseries, apps and virtual experiences that earned a Gémeaux Award for its work on Télé-Québec’s Like-moi! series.
  • Maude Thibodeau, Artistic Director and Experience Designer at Dpt., a Montreal-based digital creative studio that worked on the piece A Colossal Wave, that was presented at the Phi Centre as part of the Lucid Realities exhibition.

Please note that the discussion will be held in French.

The Lucid Realities exhibition

The third instalment of the Sensory Stories series, Lucid Realities, invites visitors to navigate previously uncharted worlds through virtual reality. Delving into a world of dreams, nightmares, memory and fantasy, the exhibition delivers a whole new way to explore, touch and feel the way we experience narrative, featuring today’s best immersive experiences and technologies such as artificial intelligence, mixed reality, olfaction, haptics and facial recognition.

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