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A discussion in conjunction with the Particles of Existence exhibition on the theme When documentary and VR merge.

Doors and exhibition visit: 5 PM to 7 PM
7 PM to 8 PM
Tickets: $25
Taxes and fees included

Where: Space B (2nd floor)

The 5 @ Tech discussions are back in style this April 25 as the Phi Centre presents the first event of this monthly series in conjunction with the Particles of Existence exhibition, with the theme When documentary and VR merge.

This 5 @ Tech event will unfold in the same intimate setting at the heart of Phi’s Particles of Existence exhibition. Remember, these exclusive 5 @ Tech events are limited to just 35 attendees, and tickets are now available for past and current visitors to the exhibition, as well as anyone with an interest in new ways of storytelling in the digital age.

Participants will be invited to examine how documentary and virtual reality interact, intersect and come together. Just like the previous 5 @ Tech evenings, attendees will have the opportunity to connect with some key players on Montreal’s cultural, creative and technological stage. The panelists for this discussion will be:

  • Karim Benessaieh, journalist at La Presse, who has touched almost every field, from politics to news, with a growing passion for tech. He helped set up the Canoe and Cyberpresse websites in the late 1990s, and since 2014, he has been specializing in technology news coverage in La Presse's Business section;
  • Félix Lajeunesse from Felix & Paul Studios, who are constantly setting and updating the standards regarding what we expect — and can expect — from virtual reality. Combining proprietary camera systems and post-production software with a thoughtful, nuanced approach to filmmaking, Félix and Paul are creating high-end cinematic experiences turning heads around the industry — and the world;
  • Louis-Richard Tremblay, producer at NFB, works between documentary and technologies with an interest in projects where interactivity supports the creation of a narrative universe that explores phenomena that affect individuals and society. His most recent work concerns mobile experiences and immersive VR environments.

Please note that the discussion will be in French. 

The Particles of Existence exhibition

Most of us have looked up at the night sky, imagined the unknown and tried to give meaning to life on earth. Science and technology have brought us closer to understanding the mysteries of the cosmos, and now through new media and virtual reality, visitors to Particles of Existence are plunged into the invisible realms of life.

From the inner workings of a sequoia tree to the birth of a star, the exhibition invites visitors to experience life at a non-human scale and gain new perspectives on the biggest questions of today. The stories in Particles of Existence open up new dimensions to help us unravel the mysteries of life. Alternating between the personal and the universal, they shed new light on climate change, mass migration, and women’s empowerment to challenge our views on nature, violence, and justice.

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