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A discussion in conjunction with the Echo: The Sound of Space exhibition under the theme The Changing Body: Theatricality in the Digital Age.

Doors and exhibition visit: 5 PM to 7 PM
Discussion: 7 PM to 8 PM
Tickets: $31
Taxes and fees included

Where: Space B (2nd floor)

The 5 @ Tech discussions are back in style to start the cultural season on a smart note this September 27th as the Phi Centre presents the first event of its series in conjunction with the Echo: The Sound of Space exhibition, under the theme The Changing Body: Theatricality in the Digital Age.

Presented in collaboration with the International Cybercorporéités Symposium: nomadic subjectivities in a digital context, these exclusive events are limited to just 40 attendees, open to anyone with an interest in new forms of storytelling in the digital age.

Participants will be invited to a discussion on how our body and the performing arts are currently in an intense space of change. The digital age takes us away from the classic perspective that the Renaissance period imposed — a one-way, sighted valuation. The sight — this 'noble' sense that distances us the most from our body — is the one that also causes the distance of the spectator with the stage and the performer, thus creating a "4th wall". In the upheaval caused by technologies, we see the emergence of new experiential modes, other relationships to space, time, body, and the other, as well as other inventions of visible or invisible devices that allow a new collective experience of perception, multisensory immersions. Just like the previous 5 @ Tech evenings, the public will have the opportunity to connect with some key players on Montreal’s cultural, creative and technological stage. The discussion will be moderated by Isabelle Choinière.


  • Derrick de Kerckhove, research director at the Interdisciplinary Internet Institute (IN3) of the University Oberta de Catalunya in Barcelona and visiting professor at the Politecnico of Milan. He is an international expert in the fields of neuro-cultural research, communication arts and technologies, connected intelligence, and tactile cognition. He is also the author of more than a dozen books including The Skin of Culture, Connected Intelligence and The Point of Being, which have been published in ten languages.
  • David Howes, professor of anthropology, director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies on Society and Culture and co-director of the Center for Sensory Studies at Concordia University in Montreal. His main works explore sensory anthropology as well as material and consumer culture. These include an ethnographic study of current trends in sensory marketing in the United States and Canada.
  • Isabelle Choinière, artist, researcher, author and professor of contemporary new performative practices, whose creations have been presented internationally in festivals and arts centres since 1994. Her works are also used as case studies by groups of academic research around the world. She received the 2014 Desjardins Recognition Award for innovation throughout her career. She is the initiator and co-organizer of the international symposium Cybercorporéités: nomadic subjectivities in a digital context. She is the principal author of the upcoming book À travers le prisme des sens: médiation et nouvelles réalités du corps dans les arts performatifs. Technologie, cognition et méthodologies émergentes de recherche-création to be published (2019-2020) in 3 languages. As an author, she has collaborated with Roy Ascott and Derrick de Kerckhove, and her essays are published internationally and translated into 4 languages.


Small bites and wine will be served.

The Echo: The Sound of Space exhibiton

The present is composed of the reverberations of the past. This virtual reality exhibition invites viewers to connect with today’s world through reflections, parallels, and distant echoes. Listen to the sound of gravitational waves, ripples in space-time that originated billions of years ago; take a trip to China’s London, Paris, and Venice, replicas of their European counterparts; or join a girl and her father in a story about the gifts we pass on to the next generation. The programming reflects the best in current virtual reality works and places a deliberate emphasis on sound and stories that resonate within all of us.

Photos : Vivien Gaumand

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