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A discussion in conjunction with the >HUM(AI)N exhibition under the theme The human limits of artificial intelligence as a creative tool

Doors and exhibition visit: 5 PM to 7 PM
*Please arrive on time in order to fully enjoy the exhibition
Discussion: 7 PM to 8 PM
Regular: $31
Seniors and students: 25$
Taxes and fees included

Where: Space C (2nd floor)

5 @ Tech is a series of discussions complementary to the immersive exhibitions presented by Phi. On this occasion, the >HUM(AI)N exhibition will host a conversation under the theme The human limits of artificial intelligence as a creative tool, in collaboration with Ubisoft.

Preceded by a free visit of the exhibition, with bar service, this evening is limited to only 40 attendees and open to anyone with an interest in new forms of storytelling in the digital age. Just like the previous 5 @ Tech evenings, the public will have the opportunity to connect with some key players on Montreal’s cultural, creative and technological stage.

Yves Jacquier
Executive director of production studios services Ubisoft La Forge, Yves Jacquier has led many innovations such as the use of telemetry or biometrics and implemented new trades such as data scientists or machine learning experts. Ubisoft La Forge is a prototyping space where ideas on technology, originating from a collaboration between university research and production teams, are brought to life.

Valentine Goddard
Lawyer, certified mediator and artist, Valentine Goddard is the founder and executive director of AI Impact Alliance, an international NGO whose mission is to facilitate an ethical and responsible implementation of artificial intelligence. She is also a member of the United Nations expert group on The Role of Public Institutions in the Transformative Impact of New Technologies. Ms. Goddard sits on several committees related to the ethical and social implications of artificial intelligence, while being regularly invited to speak at international conferences. In her multidisciplinary and applied approach to the ethics of AI, she places special emphasis on human dignity, having initiated throughout her career cultural and social mediation projects for human rights education.

Jean-François Bélisle
Former director of the Arsenal Contemporary Art foundation, Jean-François Bélisle is now executive director and chief curator of the Joliette Art Museum. He has also worked at the heart of the Contemporary Art Galleries Association in Montreal. In 2017, he invited the English sculptor Mat Chivers for an Artist-in-residence opportunity at the Joliette Art Museum, with the goal of creating a new body of work in dialogue with the artificial intelligence field.

Moderator: Oriane Morriet

HUM(AI)N exhibition

Featuring some of the world's latest and most innovative technology-based artworks in virtual reality and artificial intelligence, the exhibition activates the movements of the body by challenging the heart and the human faculties of the mind—faculties that are increasingly being enhanced, altered, and shaped by technology.

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