Past Event

Screening of films and videos by Joan Jonas and others

Event: 7 PM
Free Admission

Where: Space D (4th Floor)

This film and video series, organized by Victoria Carrasco, Barbara Clausen and Jon Knowles, in conversation with Joan Jonas gives insight into Jonas's as well as other artists and filmmakers’ early cinematic experiments from the late 60's and early 70's. This first selection, centred around the notion of landscape and the construction of vernacular and mediatized space in the arts will mirror the wide range of cultural references and inspirations found in Jonas’s productions, ranging from anthropology, mythology, and literature, which continue to significantly inform the artist’s work.

What's on:

Pare Lorentz, The River, 1938. 31 min (5 min excerpt).

Joan Jonas, Three Returns/Barking, 1973. 15:34 min.
With permission from Electronic Arts Intermix.

Nancy Holt and Robert Smithson, Mono Lake, 1968/2004. 19:54 min.
With permission from Electronic Arts Intermix.

Lawrence Weiner, Beached, 1970. 2:30 min.
With permission from Electronic Arts Intermix.

Joan Jonas, Merlo, 1974. 10:51 min.
With permission from Electronic Arts Intermix.


Raymond Garceau, La Drave, 1957. 20 min (5 min excerpt).
With permission from National Film Board of Canada.

Lawrence Weiner, Broken Off, 1971. 55 s.
With permission from Electronic Arts Intermix.

Joan Jonas, I want to live in the country (and other romances), 1976. 24:06 min.
With permission from Electronic Arts Intermix.

Rosa Barba, Somnium, 2011. 19:10 min.
With permission from Video Data Bank.

Affinities: a series of performances, screenings, and conversations

In conjunction with the exhibition Joan Jonas: From Away, DHC/ART and guest curator Barbara Clausen will present Affinities: a series of performances, screenings, and conversations, a program of events in two parts, from May 24 to 27 and from June 20 to August 26. This series will present a performance lecture by Joan Jonas with Jason Moran, performances by taisha paggett, Tanya Lukin Linklater and Simone Forti, two evenings of film and video screenings, and one afternoon of conversation. While distinct in their own practice and aesthetics, the participating artists from the fields of dance, visual arts and music, share an affinity with Jonas’s engagement and ‘insistence' on reading the world(s) against and with the flow of the times. These interdisciplinary art practices, from the fields of art, dance, poetry, and music, in a similar vanguard spirit to that of Jonas, explore modes of movement, sound and non-linear storytelling. This is reflective of a constantly evolving collective imaginary that reflects and shapes the various socio-political contexts we live in.

Don't miss it! Joan Jonas and jazz musician Jason Moran will be giving a lecture performance at D. B. Clarke Theatre on Friday, May 27.

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