Past Event

American synthpop duo presents Careful

Doors: 8 PM
Dreidre: 8:30 PM
Spellling: 9:15 PM
Boy Harsher: 10:15 PM

A $1 fee is included for phone and online sales
At the door: $26.96
Taxes et frais inclus

Where: Space A (1st floor)
General admission - Seating not guaranteed

Boy Harsher returns with its second LP Careful – a wild ride that celebrates abandon, while mourning attachment and love. The group began as an urgent need to produce and consume. In the winter of 2014, Jae Matthews and Augustus Muller started to experiment with sound, video, and text. Born out of this tumultuous relationship in swampy Georgia, their first EP Lesser Man is sexy as it is sulking. Lesser Man determined their morose, pop sound. In their second album, the full length Yr Body is Nothing, Matthews and Muller took that dark and ran with it. Both releases reflect the fervour present in their adolescent lust and anger.

Boy Harsher emphasizes emotive sounds and evocative narratives to generate palpable material in its latest release Careful. It is a timeless and original minimal synth record, marking the definitive return of the enigmatic duo.


Opening acts: Spellling | Deidre

Photo: Andrew Lyman



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