Past Event

Performance by Berlin audiovisual producer.

Doors: 7 PM
Show: 8 PM
In advance: $26.96
At the door: $32.35
Taxes and fees included

Where: Space A (1st floor)
General admission - seating not guaranteed

Olaf Bender's creative work began with the casual finding of 16mm film equipment during school time. from that moment on, he started experimenting with the medium "film" as well as the raw material "film".

After the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, Bender worked in music distribution. The experiences he gained there led him to the idea of publishing his own music. Together with Frank Bretschneider, he founded the record label Rastermusic in 1996, which later merged with Carsten Nicolai's Noton sublabel to form Raster-Noton, in 1999. One of the label's earliest productions was the project Signal, which Olaf Bender has been continuing together with Bretschneider and Nicolai until today.

Since the label's founding, Bender has also produced music solo under the pseudonym Byetone, but it was not until 2008 that he released his first record on Raster-Noton. The lead single Plastic Star also defined his signature sound, presenting a minimalist rhythm-based music with a rock attitude that can do without too much processing and decoration; an archaic, rebellious music full of energy. The year 2008 also saw the release of his first full-length record, the highly acclaimed Death of a Typographer, whose follow-up Symeta, released in 2011, even entered several "Record of the Year" lists.


Opening act: Automatisme

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Photo (cover): Béla Bender

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