Past Event

Comedy Drama directed by Samuel Benchetrit, with Vincent Macaigne, Bouli Lanners and Vanessa Paradis.

November 3 at Cinéma Impérial:
8:15 PM

November 4 at Cinéma du Musée:
4 PM

Canadian premiere


Jacques Blanchot loses everithing - his wife, his job, his home. He's increasingly alienated from the world, until a pet-store owner takes him under-his-wing. Jacques is a good, honest, simple man who cannot say "no". He's paragon of mediocrity, easily manipulated, totally submissive. After his dog dies, he slowly and effectively is transformated into a dog himself.

Director/co-screenwriter and adaptor of his eponymous novel, Samuel Benchetrit came upon the idea of the film while walking his dog - people petted his dog totally indifferent to a homeless man crying in a gutter. In a world obsessed with money and power, the film is an anti-fascist allegory.

Original musical score by Richard Reed Parry of Montreal's Arcade Fire.

Director: Samuel Benchetrit
Cast: Vincent Macaigne, Bouli Lanners, Vanessa Paradis
Year: 2018
Duration: 87 minutes

Compétition officielle
FIFF Namur, 2017
After 10 Series
COLCOA, 2018

CINEMANIA Film Festival, 24th edition, November 1-11, 2018, Cinéma Impérial

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