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A culinary demonstration by the Slovenian voted World’s Best Female Chef 2017 in The World's 50 Best Restaurants awards.

Event: 6 PM

Taxes and fees included

Where: Espace Plateau (1st floor)
General Admission

As part of its socio-culinary event series Women with Knives, the Phi Centre will host world renowned chef Ana Roš for a culinary demonstration that will delight discriminating gourmets and neophytes. The demo will present the philosophy of combining sea and land flavours.

A few lucky participants will have the opportunity to reinvent their culinary knowledge in an intimate atmosphere while being the privileged witnesses of the prowess of the Slovenian chef.

Please note that the demonstration will take place in English. 

Ana Roš

Chef and co-owner of the restaurant Hiša Franko (Frank’s House), Ana Roš is putting Slovenia on the gastronomic map, blazing new trails for the small country of barely two million inhabitants nestled in the Alps. Little-known overseas prior to a strong showing on Netflix’s Chef's Table, Ana Roš now sees gastro-tourists travel as far as a twelve-hour flight to sit down at her table.

As a chef who strives to craft a “zero-mile” menu inspired strictly by local produce sourced from the area around her restaurant, Ana Roš recently confided in Radio-Canada host Francis Reddy and listeners of the radio show On est pas sorti de l'auberge how surprised she was to be voted World’s Best Female Chef. “It’s rare for my country to be in the media spotlight,” she said. “Obviously it’s something I’m very proud of, because Slovenia is one of the world’s greenest countries, environmentally speaking, and it has some incredible cultural diversity.”

Women with Knives

This February, the Phi Centre is rolling out the red carpet for a whole host of culinary luminaries with a series of socio-culinary events that will highlight the female touch in the world’s top kitchens. The series will feature a conversation with Ana Roš, Colombe St-Pierre, Deborah A. Harris and Mitchell Davis, as well as culinary demos.

Le mouvement des Femmes Chefs de Montréal vise l'échange, le partage et la transmission d'une passion et expertise communes. Extrêmement fières de nos produits locaux et artisans, notre objectif est de mettre de l'avant toutes les parties prenantes de l'écosystème culinaire québécois. Loin du «militantisme», nous souhaitons plutôt explorer l'identité culinaire féminine sans exclure, mais en prenant tout simplement notre place en se mobilisant pour organiser des immersions culinaires incroyables, locales et exclusives.

La Tablée des Chefs is a non-profit organization that has for mission is to feed people in need and to develop the culinary education of youth. It is also the engine of social involvement for Chefs, Cooks and Pastry chefs. Through its food chores and its Sustainable Food Brokerage Service, La Tablée des Chefs redistribute annually more than 498 000 servings of food to people in need. The organization also offers culinary training programs that focus on basic cooking techniques and the principles of healthy eating. Les Ateliers du Frère Toc are offered in every Youth Centers of the province in order to develop teenagers culinary autonomy and encourage the acquisition of tangible skills needed to complete daily tasks. Les Brigades Culinaires program is offered in 60 high schools, to more than 1 200 teenagers, in 14 regions across Quebec.

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