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This listening session will feature the albums Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy by Sun Ra and Snake Whiskey by Snake Whiskey

Doors: 4:30 PM
Event: 5 PM
Free admission
General Admission – seating not guaranteed

Dear patrons, please note that reservations for this event are not mandatory, but strongly recommended. Ticket holders will need to show up at the door at least 15 minutes before the beginning of the event or their tickets will be released. Only a few tickets will be available at the door. Seats is first come, first served.

Where: Space A (1st floor)

For its sixth edition in Montreal, DIE POD DIE is back with the albums Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy by Sun Ra and Snake Whiskey by Snake Whiskey. This jazz encounter will be followed by a discussion with Frédérick Galbrun a.k.a Khyro from Héliodrome, and some members of the experimental jazz collective Snake Whiskey, from the Montreal label Jeunesse cosmique.

*Please note that a shooting will take place during the discussion following the session, as part of the documentary Le Vinyle est de retour, that will be broadcast on Canal D.

Small Scale Music

Hailing from Montreal, Small Scale Music is an independently run music label interested in releasing challenging music (Free Improvisation, Noise, Free Jazz…) primarily on small runs of tapes and digitally. Artists are given total freedom on what appears on their albums (music and visual). Small Scale Music aspires to offer beautiful music to curious listeners and to treat the artists with respect and integrity.


The philosophy behind DIE POD DIE is simple: give the music its rightful due by attentively listening to albums, in their entirety, on vinyl, using a quality hi-fi system. At each session, two albums with a special link are spotlighted, enabling participants to appreciate each one as a carefully thought out and coherent work.

Each event offers music fans an opportunity to enjoy the selected albums in a relaxed and accessible environment, specifically designed and lit for the occasion, that fully engages mind and body.

When choosing their programs, DIE POD DIE and the Phi Centre also highlights the work of local and regional labels that are not well known to the general public.

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