Past Event

An event celebrating the 15th anniversary of Elektra and MUTEK


Monday (May 26): 1PM-6:30 PM
Thuesday (May 27): 1 PM-5 PM
Wednesday (May 28): 1 PM-6 PM
Thursday (May 29): 4:30 PM-6 PM
Friday (May 30): 2 PM-4:30 PM

Please note that not all conferences will start exactly on time. We will update the start times on our Twitter account. We apologize for any delays.


From May 26 to 30, the Phi Centre will be the place to be for a number of events marking Elektra and Mutek’s 15th anniversary.

The EM15 festivities kick off with Connecting Cities (May 26-28), followed by the International Marketplace for Digital Arts (IMDA) and DIGI_SECTION (May 28-30).

Considered one of the most high-tech venues in Montreal, the Phi Centre is always delighted to take part in events that push the boundaries of digital arts and electronic music.

Elektra is a high-calibre Montreal-based cultural initiative that presents artists and works of art that align the latest electronic music and visual creations derived from new technologies (animation, installation and robotics). Elektra unites creative media like music, video, cinema, design, gaming and audio or interactive installation with the latest digital technologies.

For the past 15 years, MUTEK has provided a platform for artists and digital art professionals, giving them the opportunity to create, share and network together.

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