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Get the PHI Passport and visit the Emergence & Convergence exhibition for free all summer long, with a guest.

Get 2 tickets for the price of one for the exhibition when you purchase on location during the Sonication shooting days (August 22, September 2, September 19). More details at the box office.

Emergence & Convergence brings together works that contemplate the space between the self, digital technology, the built environment, and the natural world. It focuses on the effects of confinement on our collective consciousness. How has this experience of hardship forced us to re-evaluate our priorities and values as a global community? How has it contributed to a renewed connection with nature? The works in this exhibition propose complex explorations of a future in which the fusion of nature and technology could become a new ecology.

This exhibition is one of the key events of the DESTINATION: PHI programming, which includes many multidisciplinary initiatives (concerts, screenings, installations, etc.) offered in our physical and virtual creative spaces.

"Emergence & Convergence is an invitation to immerse ourselves in an exhibition which investigates our humanity in relationship with our planet and all living beings. Following months of confinement, we are confronted with a chance to re-evaluate our values and consider how the future might reveal itself."

-Phoebe Greenberg, founder and director of PHI


George Fok
Canada, Hong Kong
Seeking Stillness, 2020
Video installation, 30 min Presented with the support of Epson and CALQ. Sound design and engineering: Phil Rochefort. Featuring music from: Lisa Teichmann “Pulsatilla” and Patrick Haggart

An immersive poem in three parts, via sounds and colours, where the performances and interventions break the fourth wall. From this exceptionally visceral experience emanates a pursuit of solace, a meditative and therapeutic moment.

Daniel Corbeil
Cité laboratoire, 2012-2018

Cité laboratoire is an installation that possesses the attributes of various visions of green architecture in the prototype stage, where a city skyscraper is designed to be an autonomous and self-sustaining organism, featuring vegetation that makes us dream of a lost paradise.

Katherine Melançon
L’État des matières (corpus of works), 2017
Animations and digital prints

Between still life and abstract composition, L’État de matières is a corpus of works that explores the digital manipulation of representative samples of a place. The captured images suggest altered states of these organic materials.

Sabrina Ratté
Domestic Landscape: Eclipse, 2017
Video, 3 min 27 sec
Music by Andrea-Jane Cornell, 2017
Inkjet print on aluminum and projection

Domestic Landscape is a space with an ambiguous identity, living between architecture and landscape. Using a mixture of analog technologies and 3D animation techniques, these video portals guide the viewer to improbable places.

Sabrina Ratté
Alpenglow and Aurora, 2018
Inkjet print and projection, 1 min 27 sec © Sabrina Ratté / ELLEPHANT

Alpenglow and Aurora is a diptych depicting utopian spaces where painterly textures meet with 3D perspectives. Through the use of reflective surfaces and fragmented windows, the iridescent magic-hour landscapes invade the room and become an intrinsic part of the architecture.

Moritz Wehrmann
Alter Ego, 2013
Presented with the support of the Goethe-Institut

Alter Ego is an experimental installation that questions the mental and mimetic relationship between two dialogue partners in an existential encounter. The installation uses mirrors and stroboscopic light to create a mental conflict of self-localization, a feeling of self-loss and of pure empathy at the same time.

Olafur Eliasson,
United Kingdom
Wunderkammer, 2020
Augmented reality
Produced by Acute Art

Wunderkammer is an intriguing collection of natural elements, small works of art and experiences from the artist's studio, transformed into augmented reality. The objects in the collection meld the known with surprising movement and unexpected actions: from a glowing sun to a shimmering rainbow to a rainy cloud.

Armando Kirwin, Azuma Makoto
United States, Japan
A Life in Flowers, 2019
virtual reality, artificial intelligence, 20 min
Produced by Ryot, Artie, PHI in collaboration with Headspace Studios

A Life in Flowers is an interactive experience in virtual reality powered by the participant's own voice. This projection invites the participants into an impressive installation featuring a projection that allows them to examine the harmony between flowers and human life.

Floor Plan

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Emergence & Convergence is one of the key events of the DESTINATION: PHI programming, which includes many multidisciplinary initiatives (concerts, screenings, installations, etc.) offered in our physical and virtual creative spaces.

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Photo (cover): Myriam Ménard

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