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For the first time in Canada, an International collaborative installation of cultural curators offering opportunities for collective reflection.

Free Admission

PHI Centre
315, Saint-Paul West
Montréal (Québec) H2Y 2M3

The PHI_portal is an immersive public art installation and long-term participatory initiative (from July 2020 to July 2021) that brings the Montreal public face-to-face with communities from 50 cities across time and space – from Ede, Milwaukee, Kigali to Gaza. Through immersive live-stream technology, the experience of entering The PHI_portal is akin to sharing the same physical space as someone on the mirrored side of the screen engaging the entire body and corporal language. In partnership with Shared_Studios, The PHI_portal is embedded in a network of varying geopolitical realities that facilitate the emergence of a third space - a hybrid zone where specific contexts converge to enable connection.

The PHI_portal will connect local and international communities through transdisciplinary programming series that centre music, design, visual and media arts to explore dialogue that activates our global connectivity. It will serve as a catalyst for artistic exchanges and human connections that transcend across borders and language.

Black on Both Sides: Cultural Exchange with Rito Joseph
Portal: Milwaukee
Once a week until August 29th, in English

Based around knowledge sharing, Rito Joseph facilitates a series of connections about the history of Black Canadians in Montreal. It will allow him the liberty of inviting certain artists.

July 25th - 3 PM: History of Slavery in Canada
August 1st - 1 PM: History of Black People in Canada and Montreal
August 8th - 3 PM: Underground Railroad: Historical Ties Between Canada and the United States
August 13th - 3 PM: Milwaukee to Montreal: Historical Figures, Inner Cities and Police Brutality
August 22nd - 3 PM: Black Canadian Athletes: The Coloured Hockey League
August 29th - 3 PM: International Decade for People of African Descent 2015-2024

*The sessions will be moderated by one of our curators and will be accessible to the public via a broadcast on screens at the PHI Centre. You will be able to book a free ticket to attend these connections.

NBS Listening Sessions (No Bad Sound Studios)
Portal: Milwaukee
Three sessions over the summer, in English

After a first exchange on July 23rd with producer and songwriter Kamino, Montreal’s NBS Studio listening sessions will continue in August.

August 6th: YFROSE, music producer
August 20th: XLOWW, self-taught music producer and singer-songwriter

Work in Progress: Chapter Reads with Lewis Lee
Portal: Milwaukee
Once a week from July 25th until August 29th, in English

Lewis Lee, music producer and curator of the Milwaukee portal, is an advocate for social justice.
Reading chapters from his memoir Lewis & Laverne in 20- to 30-minute sessions, he invites the public to an intimate one on one connection followed by a 15-minute discussion.

July 25th - 1 PM: 1. Witnessing Trauma (Chapter 3 - Chicago 1986)
August 1st - 3 PM: 2. The Prison System
August 8th - 1 PM: 3. Domestic Violence (Chapter 4 5320)
August 15th - 1 PM: 4. Broken Families (Chapter 1 Laverne)
August 22nd - 1 PM: TBC
August 29th - 1 PM: TBC

Nènè Myriam Konaté, Montréal

Nènè Myriam Konaté is a transdiciplinary artist, founder of The Clap Back, a dialogue-based space that facilitates the emergence of transdisciplinary experiences and a co-founder of Collective Culture, a platform highlighting the voices of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour. As a curator participating in the programming of the portal, they will facilitate fruitful exchanges between communities through art.

Lucas Larochelle, Montréal

Lucas LaRochelle is a multidisciplinary designer, artist and researcher whose work is concerned with queer geographies, critical internet studies, and community-based archiving. They are the founder of Queering The Map, a community generated counter-mapping project that digitally archives queer experience in relation to physical space.

Lewis Lee, Milwaukee

Currently in the middle of writing his personal memoir, Lewis Lee doesn’t just recall his own story but builds a legacy project. He will tell us about his mother and her life as a young African-American growing up in the racist South.

Rito Joseph, Montreal

A founder of Black Montreal Experiences, Rito Joseph facilitates a series of special connections focused on Black Canadian history in Montreal. A self-taught guest speaker and tour guide, he will provide fun ways for people to deepen their knowledge of the Afro-descendant community.

XLoww (NBS)

XLoww is a music producer and singer/songwriter based out of Montreal who taught herself how to play guitar, piano and program music. Her self-produced music productions range from heavy-hitting, melancholic trap to minimalist, distorted guitar riffs.

Kamino (NBS)

Born in Florida, Kamino began rapping at the age of 16 and started releasing his music at the age of 17 when he first arrived at NBS music studio (No Bad Sound). Inspired by NF, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and J-Cole. is very versatile with his music and always willing to discover and attempt new things.


Originally from Cameroon, YF ROSE (Winder Tatsifomene) took to the stage for the first time at the age of six. Celebrating his 19th birthday this year, he uses his African and North American influences to continue to diversify his lively music and present himself as one of the rising stars of the local scene.


PHI_portal is one of the key events of the DESTINATION: PHI programming, which includes many multidisciplinary initiatives (concerts, screenings, installations, etc.) offered in our physical and virtual creative spaces.

A safe environment for visitors and PHI employees

Our mediators are ready to welcome you in premises designed and arranged in a way that ensures a safe, healthy and comfortable environment. Everything is set up to provide both peace of mind and an enriching experience, all while respecting the protocol drawn up by Public Health authorities.

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