Past Event

Design Research Exhibit

Doors: 6 PM

Part I: 6 PM - 8 PM
Part II: 8 PM - 3 AM

Part I: Space D (4th floor)
Part II: Space A (1st floor)

Tickets: Free
Mandatory RSVP

The showcase will begin at 6 pm with research exhibit by a group of recent design graduates mentored by Milan Tanedjikov in the process of developping their aesthetic viewpoint and the concept of their first collection. The spotlighted creators include: Robert Batuo Mbu, Kaya Berfin, Patrice Blais, Damini Chowdhry, Sergey Fateev, Maïa Godard, Jaylen Laroche-Boafo, Myriam Neault, Cassandra Pisarski, Emile Racine, Oliver Ragil, Liza Rakhmankulova.

The second phase of the event will include fashion presentations by emerging designers Charlotte Deneux, Roxanne Ouellet Bernier, Rachel Sudbury and Wan Hua in collaboration with audio artists Simon Luc Laporte and Guillaume Boulay, Bruno Tanzi and Ulysse de Lezenne.

The audience will also have a moment to discover Victoria Broccolini’s brand curated in collaboration with Tommy Lecompte.

To wrap things up, the happening will go into party mode with DJ performances by Daniel Cortina and Daniel Alvarez.








Created by Milan Tanedjikov, Lignes de fuite is a year-long incubating program that offers recent fashion design graduates mentorship and showcase opportunities through the process of creating their debut collection and launching their career as an independent designer.

Milan Tanedjikov, Creative Director and Producer
Charlotte Bolduc, Production Coordinator
Koura-Rossy, Media Production Coordinator and Editor
Carol Ribeiro, Production Coordinator
Guillaume Kirouac, Photographer and Art Director
Daniel Alvarez, Audio and Art Director
Anita Sanchez, HMUA Director
William Dunberry, Casting
Alex Nuku, Casting
Tishanna Carnevale, Backstage Coordinator and Casting

A special thanks to École supérieure de mode marketing students who will be exposing a series of thematic boards.

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