Past Event

An evening with pianists Jean-Philippe Sylvestre, Philippe Prud'homme, Matt Herskowitz, Ammiel Bushakevitz and Delphine Bardin.

Free admission
 4 to 10 PM

Where: Space A (1st floor) + Phi Boutique (1st floor)

Pianists Jean-Philippe Sylvestre, Philippe Prud’homme, Matt Herskowitz, Ammiel Bushakevitz and Delphine Bardin join forces for this unique event. A 6-hour pianothon inspired by the most beautiful musical themes of André Mathieu to satisfy the most fervent fans of this instrument and of the Quebec composer, who is today regaining well-deserved public recognition.

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Photos: courtesy of Festival Classica

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To create a popular and acclaimed international event, in which artistic talents join forces with classical music in the broad sense to provide engaging emotional experiences.

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