Special event

Past Event

A sound creation and live performance tool

From 5 to 8 PM
Free admission

Where: Space A (1st Floor)

What's on:
- Try the application with our animators
- DJ set by M.Bootyspoon
- fonofone performances

The fonofone is an application for iPad/iPhone which offers a simple and visual approach sound creation and exploration. Create, transform and record your own sounds to then integrate the fonofone to your band, your music production tools or to your live performance! Sound creation has never been so accessible.

For many years now, composer and pedagogue Yves Daoust has been devoting an important part of his work in developing sound creation learnings which would be adaptable to school environments. A strong advocate of the enormous creative potential of children sadly muffled by education systems which places greater value in performance rather than in creativity and convinced of the urgency to act, Yves Daoust alongside multimedia artist Alexandre Burton and other colleagues, devoted themselves to the development of creative digital tool aiming to make its learnings accessible to all, without any musical knowledge required before use.

Come celebrate with us the result of over 15 years of research, the official launch of the fonofone!

The fonofone will be available on the App Store February 15, 2017.


Photo credit: fonofone

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