Past Event

The Phi Centre presents the exhibition Wonders of a Transient Universe by Montreal photographer Gabriel Coutu-Dumont

Opening hours
Monday to Friday: 12PM to 6PM
Saturday: 12PM to 5PM

Where: Space C (2nd floor)

Free admission

Gabriel Coutu-Dumont, a trained photographer working in the electronic arts milieu and the music industry, is obsessed by the resonances of the relationship between sound and image and by audio-visual technologies. The corpus Wonders of a Transient Universe is an expanded version of the exhibition Living in Different Worlds, presented at Galerie Donald Browne in 2011. The artist’s exploration of materiality and visual language of music began in the exhibition Long Jeux/LP shown in Berlin in 2009.

With Wonders of a Transient Universe, Coutu-Dumont explores making the visible audible and vice versa, through a stripping down of the performance space as well as the capturing and manipulation of forms from large-scale shows. Coming from this milieu, Coutu-Dumont is sensitive to its questions and brings the sublime aspects of these events into focus, which ultimately serves as spiritual rites or golden calves in honor of the fourth art. Mirrors, deep blacks and other beams of light embody the experience of this parallel world, flirting with esotericism and science fiction. The current body of work, composed of photography, sculpture and etchings, oscillates between gravitas and gratuity, the trivial and spiritual, combining fantasized worlds of plasticity and metaphysics.

Gabriel Coutu-Dumont presents two concurrent solo shows in Montreal: Wonders of a Transient Universe at Phi Center, and a new photographic series titled The Way of the Willows at Galerie Donald Browne.


Gabriel Coutu-Dumont, born in 1978 in Montreal, is a multidisciplinary artist who also works in collaborations (collectives RACAM, nAnalog and Silent Partners) and with different organizations like MUTEK. He has been selected for the 8th edition of Flash Forward – Emerging Photographers, which is currently travelling (London, Portland, Toronto). His solo show Long Jeux/LP was held in WIR Gallery in Berlin in 2009 and his exhibition Sketches of Synchronicity toured around Canada in 2009-2010. He participated in many collective exhibitions in Canada, United States, Mexico and Belgium.

Artwork credit: Gabriel Coutu-Dumont, « Black Holes (#21) », Lightbox, Epson Digital print on Backlite UV, LED, 30 ¾ inches diameter (77 cm diameter), 2011

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