Past Event

Drama directed by Louise Archambault and free screening in conjunction with the TIFF: Canada's Top Ten Film Festival

Free admission

Where: Space B (2nd floor)


10 Jutra nominations including Best Film, Best Screenplay and film having the most success outside Quebec.

Gabrielle is a young woman with Williams syndrome who has a contagious joie de vivre and an exceptional musical gift. Since she met her boyfriend Martin, at the recreation centre where they are choir members, they have been inseparable. However, because they are “different,” their loved ones are fearful of their relationship. As the choir prepare for an important music festival, Gabrielle does everything she can to gain her independence. As determined as she is, Gabrielle must still confront other people’s prejudices as well as her own limitations in the hope of experiencing a love far from the “ordinary”.

Tickets will be offered one hour before the screening at the Phi Centre box office. First come, first serve basis (maximum 4 tickets per person)

Director: Louise Archambault
Cast: Gabrielle Marion-Rivard, Alexandre Landry, Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin
Year: 2013
Duration: 104 minutes
Rating: general

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