Past Event

Drama directed by Jhonny Hendrix, with Manuel Viveros, Alden Knigth and Verónica Lynn. Part of the Giornate degli Autori Film Festival.

April 30
 5:30 PM
Screening: 6 PM

May 5
 12:30 PM
Screening: 1 PM

Tickets: $11.75 (seniors and students: $9.50)
Giornate degli Autori passport: $40 (includes access to all the screenings of the series except the May 3 session of Getting Naked: A Burlesque Story)
Taxes and fees included

Where: Space A (1st floor)
Cabaret format


Havana, 1994. Right when the embargo is at its peak, the Cold War comes to an end and the Soviet Union disintegrates. But the lives of Candelaria, 75, and Víctor Hugo, 76, continue at a slow pace. The days are repetitive, conversations are sparse, dinners are sad. But the monotony is broken when Candelaria finds a video camera hidden in the dirty sheets of the hotel where she works. Not sure of what to do with it just yet, she brings it home. This camera, a foreign object to both of them, subtly sneaks into their lives as the couple learns to manipulate it and later to use it to film themselves dancing, kissing and making love. This spark of recovered love helps them forget that one of them is sick. Now, they have each other. Now, everything is life.

Director: Jhonny Hendrix
Cast: Manuel Viveros, Alden Knigth, Verónica Lynn
Year: 2017
Duration: 87 minutes
Rating: TBC

Giornate degli Autori (Venice Days)
GdA Director's Award

Photo (cover): courtesy of Giornate degli Autori

Giornate degli Autori was born in 2004, as an independent event on the fringes of the Venice Film Festival, modeled on the prestigious Directors' Fortnight of the Cannes Film Festival and promoted by the associations of Italian film directors and authors.
The aim of the event is to draw attention to high quality cinema, without any kind of restriction, with special care for innovation, research, originality and independence. These are all features of the 12 films selected as well as being reflected in the special events held during the Days in the Villa degli Autori.

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