Past Event

Documentary directed by Don Hahn.

7 PM
Tickets: $11.75 (seniors and students: $9.50)
Taxes and fees included
Phi loves Don Hahn passport (Waking Sleeping Beauty, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast): $15
Taxes and fees included

Where: Space A (1st floor)

Special presentation as part of the Phi loves Don Hahn series.


By the mid-1980s, the fabled animation studios of Walt Disney had fallen on hard times. The artists were polarized between newcomers, hungry to innovate, and old timers, not yet ready to relinquish control. The conditions produced a series of box office flops and pessimistic forecasts: maybe the best days of animation were over. Maybe the public didn’t care. Only a miracle or a magic spell could produce a happy ending.

Waking Sleeping Beauty is no fairy tale. It’s the true story of how Disney regained its magic with a staggering output of hits—The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King and more—over a 10-year period.

Director: Don Hahn
Year: 2009
Duration: 86 minutes

Phi loves Don Hahn 

Animation producer Don Hahn not only participated in the “Disney renaissance,” he helped re-establish a genre of cinema that is loved by all. In November, the Phi Centre will pay tribute to him with an array of programming, including special screenings and a new edition of the In Conversation series. The Phi loves Don Hahn series is presented in tandem with Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television and Sommets du cinéma d'animation.

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