Past Event

Drama directed by Kevan Funk, with Ben Cotton, Sara Canning and Ian Tracey

7 PM
11,75$ (seniors and students: 9,50$)
Taxes and fees included

Where: Space B (2nd floor)


Timely, uncompromising, and devastating, Kevan Funk’s Hello Destroyer raises deeply troubling questions about how we teach boys to become adults, particularly within the context of our national obsession: hockey. A new recruit on the minor league Prince George Warriors, Tyson Burr (TIFF 2016 Rising Star Jared Abrahamson) is an enforcer whose primary tasks are digging the puck out of corners and protecting more skilled players. He is painfully shy and inarticulate, the product of a world that values aggression over emotional development. Spurred on by his cliché-spewing coach, Tyson inadvertently injures another player and soon discovers that the "family" he has grown up in is a lot more self-serving and cutthroat than he thought. Few Canadian artists have had the courage to question our assumptions about Canada's game; fewer still have mounted such a forceful critique of an athletics system that forges young boys into weapons, then abandons them when they become inconvenient.

Director: Kevan Funk
Cast: Ben Cotton, Sara Canning, Ian Tracey, Jared Abrahamson
Year: 2016
Duration: 90 minutes
Rating: not yet rated


Photo credit: Canada's Top Ten

Text: Steve Gravestock

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