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The Phi Centre and Hexagram | CIAM presents the second edition of the series’ Thematic Roundtables: How can collaboration between the arts, sciences and engineering be enhanced?

First panel: 1 PM - 2:30 PM
Second panel: 3:30 PM - 5 PM
Free Admission

Where: Space D (4th floor)


HEXA_OUT is one of Hexagram | CIAM’s public events which aims to stimulate the transfer of knowledge and methodologies through discussion and exchange between media arts researchers. This event is an opportunity for the public to witness the vibrant research-creation being produced at Hexagram | CIAM.

For this edition of HEXA_OUT, Hexagram | CIAM will collaborate with Hexagram-Concordia’s Distinguished Speaker Series and the final speaker of the 2012-2013 year, artist, researcher and York University professor Nell Tenhaaf. These events will examine the current trend in new media art practice in which notions of life and materiality are increasingly blurred between the computational and the biological. Tenhaaf’s early evening lecture will accompany an afternoon round table with Hexagram | CIAM researchers and students working with processes of the living and exploring the friction and attraction of new forms of matter and life.

There will also be announcements for Hexagram | CIAM members and a preview of events to come between 5:00 pm and 5:30 pm.

This is Hexagram | CIAM’s second public event in its partnership with The Phi Centre, which focuses on their complementary mandates, bringing academic research-creation and quality dissemination to the Montreal community.

First panel: When Forms of Life Collide

Roundtable with Nell Tenhaaf and Hexagram | CIAM researchers and students:

Sofian Audry (PhD Humanities, Concordia)

Aurélie Besson (Doctorat, Études et pratiques des arts, UQAM)

Tagny Duff (Hexagram-Concordia)

Louise Poissant (Hexagram-UQAM)

Moderated by Chris Salter (Hexagram-Concordia)

Second panel: When Materialities Multiply: Chaos and Promise between the Computational and Biological Arts

A talk by Nell Tenhaaf

As new forms of art practice emerge and slide in under the broad umbrella of “new media” (bioart, DIY science, nanoart, etc.), a truism becomes obvious: the “new” of new materialities compounds that of new media art (NMA). In other words, the already challenging project of bridging a multitude of differences within NMA, prior to this burgeoning of new forms, now becomes somewhat formidable. Materialities in NMA art practices have been pulling apart, even those that conceptually operate in the same zone because they are characterized by their dynamics, lifelikeness, vitality, agency, behaviour, performativity. Some strategies for negotiating this terrain may be more apt than others for maintaining open assemblages of intent, circulation and impact.

About Nell Tenhaaf

Nell Tenhaaf is an electronic media artist and professor at York University in Toronto. Her studio practice over several decades has focused on the intersection of art, science and technology, including a pioneering research interest in biotechnology and genetics by the mid-1980s. Well-known internationally for her published articles on these topics, Tenhaaf has been jury member for the VIDA art and artificial life competition since its inception in 1997. She is represented in Toronto by Paul Petro Contemporary Art.

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