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Being human in the age of technology.


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A new question must now be asked: what does it mean to be human, more than human?

>HUM(AI)N is a meditation on an impending reality in which machines are not separate, but a part of us. Featuring some of the world's latest and most innovative technology-based artworks in virtual reality and artificial intelligence, the exhibition activates the movements of the body by challenging the heart and the human faculties of the mind—faculties that are increasingly being enhanced, altered, and shaped by technology. Welcome to the future.

We Could Be Human: A Learning Machine

Created by David Usher (Reimagine AI), with the support of iLLOGIKA, MILA and the Canada Media Fund
*World premiere

An interactive artificial intelligence featuring a digital being. By interacting with the public, it will begin to understand more and more what it means to be human.

Canada | 2019 | 10 minutes
Language: English, French

Vast Body

Created by Vincent Morisset in collaboration with Édouard Lanctôt-Benoit, Caroline Robert, Casadel, Kathy Casey, Rachel Harris and Louise Lecavalier, produced by AATOAA
*North American premiere

An alter ego continuously tries to replicate the movements of the visitor facing it and performs its own interpretation of his behaviour.

Canada | 2018
No dialogue


Directed by Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczerbowski, produced by the National Film Board of Canada and Felix & Paul Studios
*Canadian premiere

The first VR experience to induce the elusive anxiety that occurs when the lines between what’s real and unreal are blurred beyond belief.

Official selection, Tribeca Film Festival 2019

Canada | 2019 | 7 minutes
No dialogue

Algorithmic Perfumery

Created by Frederik Duerinck, in collaboration with Mark Meeuwenoord and Vincent Soffers
*Canadian premiere

A unique scent is created based upon data entered by visitors. In doing so they contribute to the ongoing research to improve the system and reinvent the future of perfumery.

Netherlands | 2018 | 22 minutes
Language: English, French

Das Totale Tanz Theater

Created by Diana Schniedermeier, Maya Puig, Patrik de Jong and Dirk Hoffmann, with choreography by Richard Siegal
*Canadian premiere

A virtual reality dance combining different forms of arts, inspired by the musings of Bauhaus artists on the role of humans in the age of technology.

In collaboration with Goethe-Institut

Germany | 2019 | 12 minutes
Language: English, German


Directed by Matt Pyke, developed by Chris Mullany, produced by Greg Povey, sound design by Simon Pyke

The installation encodes a crowd of thousands with a form of human intelligence, programming each crowd member with behaviours such as avoidance, following or mimicry. The atmosphere, its gravity and the choreography of the crowd evolve in powerful ways, continually challenging the user's perception.

United Kingdom | 2019
No dialogue

Ayahuasca - Kosmik Journey

Directed by Jan Kounen, produced by Atlas V, a_BAHN and Small
*Canadian premiere

A spiritual journey through the realms of medicinal plants, led by an indigenous Shipibo traditional healer in the Amazon rainforest.

Official selection, Tribeca Immersive, 2019

France, Luxembourg | 2019 | 16 minutes
No dialogue


Created by Nico Casavecchia and Martin Allais, produced by Atlas V, 1stAveMachine and Fauns, in collaboration with ARTE France and Kaleidoscope
Narrated by Rosario Dawson

An initiatory narrative that takes us at the dawn of New York City's punk scene in the 1970s, in the footsteps of Lupe and Debbie, two young women wanting to set up a rock band.

Fivars 2018 Grand Jury Prize
Best Animated VR KLIK 2018
Montreal 2018 Festival du nouveau cinéma Innovation Grand Prix

United States, France | 2018 | 9 minutes
Language: English

7 Lives

Directed by Jan Kounen, written by Charles Ayats and Sabrina Calvo, with music by Franck Weber, co-produced by Red Corner, France Télévisions, a_BAHN and Frakas Productions
*Canadian premiere

A fantastic tale in a strange world, marked by an impending death experience on a subway platform in Tokyo. 7 Lives explores universal emotions, beyond words.

Official selection, Tribeca Film Festival 2019

France, Luxembourg, Belgium | 2019 | 20 minutes
Language: Japanese | Subtitles: English or French

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