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Music x Health x Technology

Talk + Installations + Cocktail: 3 PM (doors at 2:30 PM)
Tickets: $10
Taxes and fees included
Where: Space D (4th floor)

Show: 8 PM (doors at 7:30 PM)
Tickets: $20
Taxes and fees included
Where: Space A (1st floor)

Passport (gives access to all the events): $25
Taxes and fees included

Immerse(d) is an event series exploring how deep immersive music can optimally impact us, individually and collectively.

Participants get intimate contact with artists, scientists and practitioners working with the physical and therapeutic aspects of sound. Following a day exploring studios, installations and discussions, the event concludes with world-class audio-visual performances. Audiences can physically experience sound using SubPac wearable technology.

Sound is energy,
Music is universal,
Bass is foundational.

Immerse(d) is presented by Studiofeed, the non profit arm of SubPac. All proceeds go to initiatives fostering growth in music and sound.

Join us at the intersection of sound, health and technology.


Conversations and panels - Space D, 3 PM to 6 PM

3 PM | The body-interface: Perception through biology, psychology and cultural training
Suzanne Kite
, Concordia University
Erin Gee
, Perte de Signal
Taymoore Balbaa, Ryerson University, SubPac
Zoë De Luca (moderator)
, McGill University

4 PM | Can there be healing through sound? Theories, practice, perspectives
Be Heintzman Hope, Womb Cxre + the Pleasure Model
Dr. Shelley Snow, The Dorian Centre
Dr. Alexandre Lehmann, McGill University
Jann Tomaro (moderator), Noise Meditation

5:30 PM | Behind the curtain: Mental health in music
Alfred Darlington (Daedelus), Ninja Tune

Intimate Listening Sessions - Recording Studio, 6 PM to 8 PM

Artist offer a sneak peak into some unreleased or upcoming music, followed by a brief discussion around their creation process. Limited capacity, sign up on site.

6:30 PM | Felicia Lush | Hushlamb
7 PM | Daedelus | Ninja Tune
7:30 PM | Woulg | Methlab Agency

Media Installation - 6 PM to 11 PM

The LUCID Project

Chill Zone Open-Listening - Space A, 6 PM to 8 PM

Ambient and downtempo music with SubPac wearable technology.

Pachyderme | Abandoned Audio
Echo Beach | Jeunesse Cosmique
Fake_Electronics | Hushlamb

Audiovisual Performances - Space A, 8 PM to 11 PM

Installations, projections, SubPac wearable technology and audio reactive lighting.

Felicia Lush + Elysha Poirier | Hushlamb, Canada
Woulg | MethLab Agency, Canada
Daedelus | Ninja Tune, United States

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