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A discussion on gender equality in the professional kitchen with Ana Roš, Colombe St-Pierre and Deborah A. Harris, hosted by Mitchell Davis.

Doors: 5:30 PM
Conversation: 6 PM
Diner cocktail: 7:30 PM

$92.24 in advance ($73.79 students and seniors)
The ticket price includes the conversation and the tasting session.
Taxes and fees included

Where: Space A (1st floor)
General Admission

We regret to inform you that, due to transport problems, Ana Roš will not be able to join us tonight.

The event will still be held with the chef Colombe St-Pierre, the sociologist Deborah A. Harris and the author Mitchell Davis, who will meet for a discussion on gender equality in the gastronomic world. Dominique Dufour (Ludger, Magdalena) will also join the conversation.

For buyers who would like to be reimbursed, you can contact our ticket office ([email protected]).

As part of its socio-culinary events series Women with Knives, the Phi Centre will host Slovenian chef Ana Roš, voted World’s Best Female Chef 2017 in The World's 50 Best Restaurants awards.

The evening will also feature chef Colombe St-Pierre of the critically acclaimed restaurant Chez St-Pierre in Rimouski. One of Quebec’s most respected culinary maestros, she feels the kitchen is a social hub and “a magical place where culture, history and tradition come alive.” Sociologist and author of Taking the Heat: Women Chefs and Gender Inequality in the Professional Kitchen, Deborah A. Harris will join the two chefs in discussing the challenges and obstacles for gastronomy au féminin in an industry consistently dominated by men. Their host for the evening will be another big name in gastronomy, Mitchell Davis, executive vice president of the James Beard Foundation in the United States.

Stay after the conversation...

The conversation will be followed by a diner cocktail presented by Les Femmes Chefs de Montréal. Hors-d'œuvres will be prepared and served by the collective and several Montreal chefs, including Dominique Dufour (Ludger + Magdalena), Stephanie Audet (LOV), Maurin Arellano (Centrale culinaire), Janice Tiefenbach (Elena) and Stéphanie Labelle (Pâtisserie Rhubarbe).

Guests will also have the chance some of the best original cocktails in town, prepared by bartenders Kate Boushel (Atwater Cocktail Club), Julie Cateysson (Ludger) and Val Chagnon (Nacarat), with the collaboration of Alambika. A not-to-be-missed event for the foodies!

Please note that the event will take place in English and that the ticket price includes the conversation and the tasting session. 

This event will be filmed, and webcast on a future date. A photographer will also be onsite.

Photo credit (album): Sandra Larochelle

Ana Roš

Chef and co-owner of the restaurant Hiša Franko (Frank’s House), Ana Roš is putting Slovenia on the gastronomic map, blazing new trails for the small country of barely two million inhabitants nestled in the Alps. Little-known overseas prior to a strong showing on Netflix’s Chef's Table, Ana Roš now sees gastro-tourists travel as far as a twelve-hour flight to sit down at her table.

As a chef who strives to craft a “zero-mile” menu inspired strictly by local produce sourced from the area around her restaurant, Ana Roš recently confided in Radio-Canada host Francis Reddy and listeners of the radio show On est pas sorti de l'auberge how surprised she was to be voted World’s Best Female Chef. “It’s rare for my country to be in the media spotlight,” she said. “Obviously it’s something I’m very proud of, because Slovenia is one of the world’s greenest countries, environmentally speaking, and it has some incredible cultural diversity.”

Colombe St-Pierre

It is said that a chef’s cuisine is the reflection of their personality. Colombe Saint-Pierre loves travel, adventure and is driven by passion. After 10 years or so spent exploring and discovering various culinary cultures across many continents around the world, her passion for food guided her back to her native village in the Lower St. Laurence region of Quebec. She is a self-taught woman of conviction with an independent spirit and penchant for perfection. Her “raison d’être” and the driving force behind her cooking is spirited promotion of the incredible diversity of regional culinary cultures, and raising awareness about the vital importance of environmental protection and conservation. After all, one’s food is intrinsically linked to one’s identity.

Women with Knives

This February, the Phi Centre is rolling out the red carpet for a whole host of culinary luminaries with a series of socio-culinary events that will highlight the female touch in the world’s top kitchens. The series will feature a conversation with Ana Roš, Colombe St-Pierre, Deborah A. Harris and Mitchell Davis, as well as culinary demos.

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