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A conversational journey into Nordic cuisine with Magnus Nilsson moderated by Jean-Philippe Tastet.

Doors: 5:30 PM
Conversation: 6 PM

Space A: (SOLD OUT)

45$ in advance, 50$ at the door
35$ in advance, 40$ at the door (students and seniors)
Taxes and fees included

Space B (live video feed):
Taxes and fees included

Where: Space A (1st floor)
General Admission

Presented by HVOR, as part of the FIKA(S) Festival and in collaboration with Gallimard and Phaidon.

After welcoming Italian chef Massimo Bottura last May, the In Conversation series will once again focus on flavours from afar as the Phi Centre welcomes esteemed Swedish Chef Magnus Nilsson.

Trained in the culinary arts in both Sweden and France, Magnus Nilsson is the head chef of Fäviken Magasinet, a Swedish restaurant specializing in traditional Scandinavian cuisine. Dedicated to using local ingredients with a rustic flair, Fäviken has become a critical and commercial success, entering into the prestigious Michelin Guide in 2016 with 2 stars and currently ranked 41st on San Pellegrino's list of the "World's 50 Best Restaurants."

Magnus Nilsson will be leading a conversational journey into Nordic cuisines, using his acclaimed culinary anthology, The Nordic Cookbook, as a starting point. A collection of over 700 traditional recipes, The Nordic Cookbook is a testament to the rich flavours found in Nordic cuisine. A labour of love and passion, Nilsson curated the recipes in his book while travelling throughout the region for over three years. Nilsson will give the audience insight into traditional Scandinavian cooking practices (like foraging, hunting, and preserving foods, all of which Nilsson still does at Fäviken) and the flavours that shape modern Nordic cooking today.

No stranger to the spotlight, Magnus Nilsson has been featured on the PBS documentary series The Mind of a Chef and Netflix's Chef's Table. Nilsson's enthusiasm for all-things flavourful and his wide breadth of knowledge of both Nordic and world cuisine will ensure an engaging conversation for food-lovers of every kind.

The event will take place in English and French and will be moderated by culinary critic Jean-Philippe Tastet.

Please note that this event will be filmed, and webcast on a future date. A photographer will also be on-site.

Photo credit: Erik Olsson

Magnus Nilsson

Born in 1984, Magnus Nilsson is the chef at the Swedish restaurant Fäviken Magasinet. After training as a cook and sommelier in Sweden, Magnus plied his skills with Pascal Barbot in the kitchens of L’Astrance, in Paris, before joining the team at Fäviken as sommelier. Within one year, he was running the establishment, which made it into the prestigious Michelin Guide in 2016 with 2 stars and is now ranked 41st among the "World’s 50 Best Restaurants" by Restaurant magazine and San Pellegrino. In addition, Magnus has penned the Fäviken cookbook, published in English by Phaidon. He has appeared in PBS's Emmy Award-winning documentary series The Mind of a Chef as well as the Netflix original documentary series Chef’s Table. In 2015, he won the White Guide Global Gastronomy Award.

Jean-Philippe Tastet

Jean-Philippe Tastet, a keen observer of the culinary arts in Quebec for the past quarter century, has kept a watchful eye on the evolution of society's mores at the most vital of times: when it's time to eat. With unwavering joy, he regales us with his various experiences here and abroad, sharing a passion—perhaps a bit hard to grasp for first-time readers—for items such as the petit salé aux lentilles, smørrebrød, 21st century poutine and the making of the myriad cheeses now found in Quebec. Jean-Philippe publishes a weekly review of restaurants in the esteemed daily newspaper Le Devoir as well as the occasional delicious gastronomical feature in various quality magazines.

Photo credit: Sandra Larochelle

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