Past Event

French erotic short films festival visiting the Phi Centre

7:30 PM
11,75$ (seniors and students: 9,50$)
Taxes and fees included

Where: Space A (1st floor)

The Festival du Film de Fesses is the only French event dedicated to erotic cinema in theatres. Long kept in alternative medias, our goal is to show these works on the big screen because the reveal obsessions, our obsessions, their obsessions, and a wonderful way to see the world.

Our ambition is to facilitate encounters around those questions: sex, where and how? What does sex show of ourselves, of yesterday, today and tomorrow? How to love more?


Parle-moi by Christophe Gautry (France, 2016, 4 minutes)
Envuelta by Delfina Mayer (Germany, 2015, 4 minutes)
Notre héritage by Jonathan Vinel and Caroline Poggi (France, 2016, 24 minutes)
La rivière sous la langue by Carmen Jacquier (Switzerland, 2015, 18 minutes)
Dépressive cop by Bertrand Mandico (France, 2016, 12 minutes)
The Exquisite Corpus by Peter Tscherkassky (Austria, 2015, 19 minutes)
Family Business by Mud (Germany, 2016, 6 minutes)
Fanfreluches et idées noires by Alexis Langlois (France, 2015, 27 minutes)
Flowers and Bottoms by Christos Massalas (Greece, 2016, 6 minutes)
Cyprienne by Angèle Béraud (France, 2015, 3 minutes)
Panoptik by Alexandre Ruffin (Canada, 2015, 27 minutes)

Rating: 18+
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Photo credit: Festival du film de Fesses

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