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Discover the 360° works on the theme of “Montreal of the future” created for the Montréal 3/60 competition, an initiative of Valtech and the Phi Centre.

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 5 PM
Saturday: noon to 5 PM
Sunday: closed
*On evenings when films are being shown in Space B (2nd floor), the installation remains open to visitors until the start of the screening.

Free Admission
Access to the installation is restricted to 13+

Where: Space C (2nd floor)

Quebec’s first virtual reality video creation contest – Montréal 3/60 – was designed to spotlight the talented 360° experience creators of tomorrow. In September 2016, three of the some thirty teams who submitted proposals were selected to participate in a three-month residency at Valtech, during which they would create a 360° work on the theme of “Montreal of the future.”

The short film In/Future by the Mythologi team (Alejandro Figueroa, Ian Cameron, Jon Yu, Qarim Brown, and Bruno Pucella) was declared the winner. According to Pierre Friquet, jury chair and immersive filmmaker, In/Future is characterized by its profundity: “The richness of the dialogue on multiculturalism, the gestures of the speakers, and the spatial composition create a sense of intimacy and engagement in the viewer.”

The other jury members were Nancy Eperjesy (founder of Mettle), Audrey Pacart, George Fok (Creative Director at the Phi Centre), and Jean-François Tremblay (evangelist for augmented and virtual reality at Valtech).

In/Future by Mythologi – Winning team

In/Future is an immersive poetic documentary that, through conversation, explores Montreal's identity. Three different creators share what the city offers them, their relationship with it, and their vision of its future. The design of the experience–bringing together diverse points of view in a common virtual space and placing the user in an abstract but realistic space with these characters–aims to create a sense of community through social dialogue. The work speaks of common social values amidst diversity and the embracing of inclusion and change in a vision for the future.

Alejandro Figueroa – Producer, curator

Jon Yu – Script, direction (direction & photo), editing, stitching, and 360° composition

Ian Cameron – Script, direction (direction + photo), editing, colour correction

Qarim Brown – Associate producer, scenography, colour correction


TRIANGLES evokes Montreal’s future through the city’s emblematic Biosphere. This timeless structure designed by Richard Buckminster Fuller first served as the American pavilion at Expo 67, a major event that celebrates its 50th anniversary this year and helped pave the way for Montreal’s emergence as an international cultural metropolis. The geodesic dome is a physical representation of the concepts Fuller developed to build a better future. His futuristic ideas from the past still resonate today in an age of international tension.

Julie Chaffarod – Team leader, digital arts designer, animation and interactivity

Carol Ribeiro – Videographer, director, producer, video editor

Luisa Valencia – Stitching, director, videographer

La symphonie des grues by Pupaz

With city noises woven into music, La symphonie des grues plunges us into a sound environment that offers us a whole new way of exploring construction sites and initiatives to transform Montreal into a greener, more ecological city.

Giulia Frati – Original idea, director, image post production

Ian Cameron – Director, cameraman, image post production

Bruno Pucella – Sound recording, sound design, original music, mixing, image post production

Kyle Stanfield – Additional sound recording

Patrick Goski – 3D artist

Vanessa Loubineau – Image post production

Daniela Pinna – Image post production

Valtech is a digital marketing agency, pioneer in technologies with a presence in twelve countries (France, USA, UK, Germany, Sweden, Argentina, Netherlands, Denmark, India, Australia, Singapore and Canada) and 2,000 employees. As a full-service digital agency, Valtech brings value to its customers at all aspects of their digital activities: Strategy consulting, service design, technology services, and optimization of business-critical digital platforms for multichannel e-commerce and marketing. Valtech helps a large range of brands – such as Audi, Hermann Miller, Hyatt, Mary Kay, Aldo, Bombardier, Ivanhoé Cambridge, Ericsson – to develop and grow their business across their digital touch points while optimizing time-to-market and return on investment. Valtech Canadian office is known for cutting-edge tech and creative projects: IOT development, virtual reality production, integrated experience which includes connected environment and stores, cross-platform creative and content strategy, ecommerce solution and major IT implementations.

Photo credit: Orysia Zabeida 

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