Past Event

Romantic comedy directed by Sean Garrity, with Jonas Chernick, Emily Hampshire and Sarah Manninen. Free screening as part of the TIFF

5 PM
Free admission

Where: Space B (2nd floor)


When uptight accountant Jordan Abrams proposes marriage to his life-long soul mate Rachel, she finally reveals the painful truth: he’s terrible in bed. Frustrated and deeply unsatisfied, Rachel dumps him, and Jordan embarks on a desperate mission to seek some much-needed sexual experience and acquire some basic requisite skills. Committed to doing whatever it takes to win Rachel back, Jordan enlists the guidance of Julia - a sexually liberated but emotionally guarded exotic dancer – who leads him into an unfamiliar world of strip clubs, sensual massage parlors, cross-dressing and S & M. My Awkward Sexual Adventure is a fun, sexy and ultimately charming comedy.

Director: Sean Garrity
Cast: Jonas Chernick, Emily Hampshire, Sarah Manninen
Year: 2012
Duration: 98 minutes
Rating: 18 +

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