Past Event

Installation showcasing short films at the Phi Centre, presented in collaboration with Téléfilm Canada

Opening hours

August 22 to 24
Monday to Wednesday: 9 AM – 5 PM

August 25 to 31

Free admission

Danny Lennon, Film Curator at the Phi Centre and programmer at Prends ça court! surprises the curious with a rich and varied selection. Each of the five screens offers a choice of two films.

This month's programming includes to winners of the Best Canadian Short Film at the TIFF: Ne crâne pas sois modeste and Les fleurs de l'âge, and also Bydlo, prized Best Animation Short film at the Jutra awards and at the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival in 2013.

All short films are shown in the original language

The Heart of the World, by Guy Maddin (Manitoba/Ontario, 6 minutes, no dialogue)

Two brothers, Osip and Nikolai, compete for the love of the same woman: Anna, a state scientist studying the Earth's core.

Bydlo, by Patrick Bouchard (Québec, 8 minutes, no dialogue)

An ox pulls a heavy load as hungry parasites sap its energy and consume its soul.

Nul poisson où aller, by Janice Nadeau and Nicola Lemay (Québec, 14 minutes, French)

When a civil war bursts, a girl and her family are banned from their house.

Ne crâne pas sois modeste, by Deco Dawson (Manitoba/Québec, 19 minutes, French, English subs)

The life and pursuits of 86 year-old Jean Benoit, the last official member of the Surrealist group.

Ora, by Philippe Baylaucq (Québec, 15 minutes, no dialogue)

Ora is a 2011 experimental 3D dance film filmed thermographically, capturing images of the dancers using only their body heat.

Score, by Lawrence Côté-Collins (Québec, 9 minutes, French, English subs)

Score examines inequalities between men and women in a couple.

L'odeur après la pluie, by Sara Bourdeau (Québec, 20 minutes, French)

On a warm summer day, Julien, an old lover of Claire, a sexagenarian widow, comes back with firm intentions.

Les fleurs de l'âge, by Vincent Biron (Québec, 18 minutes, French)

Claudia, Jonathan, Karine et Michel are four normal children. On a hot summer day, they each take a big step into adulthood.

Ondes et silence, by Karl Lemieux and David Bryant (Québec, 15 minutes, English, French subs)

A deep immersion into the world of those who suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

Bring Me the Head of Tim Horton, by Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson and Galen Johnson (Manitoba/Ontario, 31 minutes, English)

A strange, stirring and anarchic behind-the-scenes look at Paul Gross's new feature, Hyena Road.

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