Past Event

Installation showcasing short films presented by the Phi Centre in collaboration with Téléfilm Canada! Watch a series of short films produced by local talents.

Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 5 PM
Saturday: noon to 5 PM
Sunday: closed

On evenings when films are being shown in Space B (2nd floor), the installation remains open to visitors until the start of the screening.

Free admission

Danny Lennon, Film Curator at the Phi Centre and programmer at Prends ça court! surprises the curious with a rich and varied selection.

All short films are shown in the original language.

Grimaces, by Ian Lagarde and Gabrielle Tougas-Fréchette (Québec, 15 minutes, French, English subtitles)

Anne can’t face her face. Stuck in the friendzone, Alexis drools over her. Between lust and saliva, it’s complicated.

Drame de fin de soirée, by Patrice Laliberté (Québec, 8 minutes, French, no subtitles)

1:34 AM. A snowy suburb. Jérémie, 24, parks his modified car in front of a crowded club.

Midwife, by Blake Salzman (Ontario, 23 minutes, English, no subtitles)

In a bleak future where women are dying rapidly, a female survivor must counsel, interrogate and mother those responsible to get answers.

Cave of Sighs, by Nathan Douglas (British Columbia, 11 minutes, anglais, sans sous-titres)

A casual hook-up is waylaid by unusual circumstances - a nostalgic collection of Byzantine icons.

Black Cop, by Cory Bowles (British Columbia, 10 minutes, English, no subtitles)

A black police officer is pushed to the edge, taking out his frustrations on the privileged community he's sworn to protect.

Apnée, by Alexis Chartrand (Québec, 20 minutes, French, English subtitles)

Sophie is hardly getting better after her fall. She's aiming to the surface to reach her people.

Mariner, by Thyrone Tommy (Ontario, 19 minutes, English, no subtitles)

An ambitious marine navigation cadet on the verge of cracking during his final exams.

Undertow, by Wesley R. Miron (Manitoba, 13 minutes, English, no subtitles)

A young man reflects on a past relationship and wrestles with its outcome.

E, by Raphaël Ouellet (Québec, 11 minutes, French, no subtitles)

5 women: 5 tales of ordinary oppression.

If ou le rouge perdu, by Marie-Hélène Turcotte (Québec, 12 minutes, French, no subtitles)

Red of the Yew Tree is the crossing of a feminine and universal imagination, an odyssey inked in fine point.

We are happy to accommodate group visits. To ensure that your group of 6 people or more enjoys the best possible conditions, please contact us 48h before your visit.

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