Past Event

Installation showcasing short films presented by the Phi Centre in collaboration with Téléfilm Canada! Watch a series of short films produced by local talents.

Lundi au vendredi: 9h à 17h
Samedi: midi à 17h
Dimanche: fermé

Les soirs de projection dans l’Espace B (2e étage), l’installation demeure accessible jusqu’à l’heure du début de la présentation.

Entrée libre

Danny Lennon, Film Curator at the Phi Centre and programmer at Prends ça court! surprises the curious with a rich and varied selection.

All short films are shown in the original language.

Oh What a Wonderful Feeling, by François Jaros (Québec, 14 minutes, English, no subtitles)

Stars, hide your fires, let not light see my black and deep desires. Nor any truck.

Mamie, by Janice Nadeau (Québec, 6 minutes, French, English subtitles)

Mamie lives in Gaspésie in a house that faces away from the sea.

J'aime les filles, by Diane Obomsawin (Québec, 8 minutes, French, English subtitles)

Four women reveal the nitty-gritty about their first loves.

Tshiuetin, by Caroline Monnet (Québec, 10 minutes, French, English subtitles)

A glimpse of the crucial links between Aboriginal communities and natural resources in the Canadian North.

Mme Wang, by Giuliano Bossa (Québec, 10 minutes, French, English subtitles)

Mrs. Wang immigrated to Canada so that her sons could have a better life.

The Salesman, by Ben Steiger Levine (Ontario, 6 minutes, English, French subtitles)

A young man chases his own double through a surreal labyrinthine world.

Pisser dehors, by Jonathan Beaulieu-Cyr (Québec, 15 minutes, French, English subtitles)

Three friends. One is there for the night and the two others try to convince him to stay.

Partie de chasse, by Myriam Guimond (Québec, 8 minutes, French, English subtitles)

As they set out on a hunting trip, Steph teaches Sarah basic gun safety. It’s her very first time…

La peau sauvage, by Ariane Louis-Seize (Québec, 19 minutes, French, English subtitles)

The quiet life of a woman is disturbed when she discovers a python in her apartment.

Une visite, by Larissa Corriveau (Québec, 11 minutes, French, English subtitles)

Julien Bertrand lives in seclusion to devote himself to his true calling: writing.

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