Past Event

Installation showcasing short films presented by the Phi Centre in collaboration with Telefilm Canada! Watch a series of short films produced by local talents.

Opening hours:
Monday: closed
Tuesday and Wednesday: 10 AM to 6 PM
Thursday and Friday: noon to 8 PM
Saturday and Sunday: 10 AM to 6 PM

Where: Le Rhinocéros (1st  floor)

Free Admission

Each month, the Phi Centre and Telefilm Canada surprise the curious with a rich and varied selection of short films.

All short films are shown in the original language.

Ce n'est rien, by Nicolas Roy (Québec, 14 minutes, French)

Michel take cares of their only daughter Mary, today, their monotonous life turns to tragedy.

A Girl Named Elastika, by Guillaume Blanchet (Québec, 4 minutes, English)

She’s young, dreamy and fearless, she drives cars way too fast, she’s also a yamakasi.

Prends-moi, by Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette ND André Turpin (Québec, 11 minutes, French)

A nurse working in a center for the disabled is confronted to his principles.

In Guns We Trust, by Nicolas Lévesque (Québec, 12 minutes, English)

In Kennesaw, a small American town in the state of Georgia, a good citizen is an armed citizen.

Star, by Emilie Mannering (Québec, 15 minutes, French)

The path of Tito and Jay, two brothers living in the Montreal neighborhood of Park Extension.

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