Past Event

Serie of monthly lectures by speakers from diverse backgrounds. Presented in collaboration with Objet sonore and DHC/ART

Talks: 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM
Free admission

Where: Space D (4th floor)
General admission

Objet Sonore Lectures present 30-minute talks by speakers from diverse backgrounds. Past and upcoming topics include architecture, robotics, feminism, underwater sound art, and honeybees. In addition to our monthly lecture events, the Objet Sonore Podcast and speaker development workshops enact our mandate to build community across domains, foster cultural literacy, and offer exposure and development opportunities to emerging artists and lecturers.

Curators: Michael Palumbo, Jamie Woollard

Programming of January 18th, 2014

Neil Scotten, Nostalgia and Memory Making

Erin Gee,The Truth about Spying on Spies with Shortwave Radio: 7 Nights of Unspeakable Truth 

Programming of February 8th, 2014

Philippe Blanchette, Modular Interfaces for iOS/Android Devices

MaxD, Repurposing Audio

Programming of March 8th, 2014

Andy Rudolph, Chirps, Clicks and Squeals: A Foray Into Underwater Bioacoustical Art

Nick Schofield, Sending Signals: Contemporary Radio Narratives

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