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The Phi Centre welcomes Montreal artist Paul Lavoie for the exhibit Cant You Sue Ppl For Stealing Tweets? Isn’t That Playjarism?

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 5 PM
Saturday: noon to 5 PM
On evenings when films are being shown in Space B (2nd floor), the exhibition remains accessible to visitors until the start of the film.

Free admission

In his first exhibition, Paul Lavoie explores the vast array of populist expression found online with questions on authorship, originality, plagiarism, craft, anonymity, and intimacy.

Lavoie makes connections between disparate thoughts and images. The work meshes expressions that are sometimes laboured, sometimes off the cuff – but all material was created by ordinary people attempting to make a connection with the world.

Random Tweets and images found online were reproduced and assembled by strangers: canvases were painted in a Shanghai factory; the typography was set digitally in Montréal; and the text was stencilled onto canvases in Peterborough. Lavoie met none of these collaborators.Yet, like the online world, the viewer participates in an intimacy that is completely anonymous.

Paul Lavoie

Paul Lavoie studied graphic design and worked as a designer and illustrator before making a career in advertising. He is co-founder of TAXI, one of Canada's most successful design and advertising agencies. Selected as one of the 10 most influential pioneers in Canadian marketing over the past century, Paul was the youngest inductee into the Canadian Marketing Hall of Fame, and has received five lifetime achievement awards including Quebec’s AAPQ Prix Hommage and the coveted ACA gold medal. Paul has lectured around the globe on creativity. He is the past president of the Art Directors Club of New York and is active on the boards of HEC Business School in Montréal, the Virginia Commonwealth University Brand Center in Richmond and Not Impossible in Venice Beach. His Short film Dear Theo was shown at The National Gallery of Canada and the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal.

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