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A cultural exchange led by the founder of Black Montreal Experiences

Free Admission (RSVP)

*Maximum capacity of 40 people

PHI Centre
315, Saint-Paul West
Montréal (Québec) H2Y 2M3

Starting July 23rd, and throughout the summer, you will have access to conversations about Black history in Montreal, within the context of local colonialism, led by speaker and founder of Black Montreal Experiences Rito Joseph. This 6-week series connects the Montreal-based history lover and public speaker with Milwaukee_portal curator, community organiser and author Lewis Lee for conversations anchored in our cities’ colonial realities. Rooted in the recognition that all aspects of life in our countries are bound up with legacies of the Transatlantic slave trade and, as such, that Black History is North American History - Black on Both Sides mobilizes history to frame present contexts and spur future actions that bridge gaps between communities while encouraging reflexivity.

See the interactions broadcast on screens set up around the room and take part in the ensuing discussions.

From July 2020 to July 2021, the PHI_portal creates a bridge between local and international communities through transdisciplinary programming (music, design, visual arts, media arts...) focused on current realities in order to activate a common reflection. The PHI_portal will serve as a catalyst for artistic exchanges and human connections that transcend across borders and language.

Once a week until August 29th, in English

July 23rd - 3 PM: Colouring History

Our initial connection will affirm and explore Black Canadian history as an integral aspect of Canadian realities across racial lines.

August 1st - 1 PM: Black MTL

This connection will delve into Montreal’s role in settler colonial expansion as well as how its acknowledgement is inextricably linked to the elaboration of futures beyond colonial patterns.

August 6th - 3 PM: Underground Railroad

Through an exploration of historical cross-border coalitions, this connection sheds light on solidarities that provide fertile ground for future action(s).

August 13th - 3 PM: Designing Violence

This connection explores the intimate relationship between police brutality and urban planning on both sides of the portal.

August 22nd - 3 PM: The Coloured Hockey League (CANCELED)

Using the NHL as an entry point, this connection considers the role of athletics in Black Canadian organising.

August 29th - 2 PM: Black Temporality

As we find ourselves midway through the International Decade for People of African Descent this connection urges us to consider our roles in the progression of transnational Black self-determination.

*The sessions will be moderated by one of our curators and will be accessible to the public via a broadcast on screens at the PHI Centre. You will be able to book a free ticket to attend these connections.

Rito Joseph, Montreal

A founder of Black Montreal Experiences, Rito Joseph facilitates a series of special connections focused on Black Canadian history in Montreal. A self-taught guest speaker and tour guide, he will provide fun ways for people to deepen their knowledge of the Afro-descendant community.

Lucas Larochelle, Montréal

Lucas LaRochelle is a multidisciplinary designer, artist and researcher whose work is concerned with queer geographies, critical internet studies, and community-based archiving. They are the founder of Queering The Map, a community generated counter-mapping project that digitally archives queer experience in relation to physical space.

Lewis Lee, Milwaukee

Currently in the middle of writing his personal memoir, Lewis Lee doesn’t just recall his own story but builds a legacy project. He will tell us about his mother and her life as a young African-American growing up in the racist South.


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