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An evening created to explore how post-technological visual narratives can empower us to interrogate reality and imagine better futures.

Doors: 6 PM (doors at 6 PM)
Talk: 6:30 PM
Regular: 25$
Seniors and students: 20$
Taxes and fees included

*$15 poké bowl option available

Where: Space D (4th floor)

Presented by Phi and Internet Age Media (IAM), this event is gathering creative leaders to explore the impact of technology in regards to the consumption and production of art and culture. 

The complex, illogical and overwhelming nature of contemporary political, ecological and cultural affairs, is deriving in a threatening hypernormalisation, full of contradictions, collisions and coexistence of realities, where the internet is playing an active and defining role in our perception of the world around us.

Now that almost everything can be realistically simulated using CGI, the question is how will media outlets, movie studios, filmmakers, game designers and advertisers shape reality in near futures using these powerful tools? Because what happens in the screens is also real, emerging artists are already subverting the paradoxes embedded in the binary nature of digital technologies and platforms, cultivating hope in strange and unexpected ways.

IAM, the internet cultures think-tank based in Barcelona, invites us to the final act of their 2018 research theme ‘The Subversion of Paradoxes’ gathering in Montreal diverse perspectives on these topics for a refreshing, provocative and open conversation to stimulate planetary, long-term and critical thinking.


  • The cultural relevance and proliferation of video essays and their evolution in the internet age
  • The philosophical, cultural, social aspects of ‘reality’ in the context of VR, CGI, AI and other digital technologies
  • The opportunities emerging for media and creative industries, learning and cultural organisations and independent artists and creators in these fields

Guest Speakers

Nick Briz, will talk about creative mis-uses of technology as subversive acts, related to his new media & digital literacy courses at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Kevin B. Lee, will join us via videoconference to talk about the role, evolution and importance of video essays in the internet age

Eva Papamargariti, will talk about her work using CGI and 3D animations to reflect and analyse the rapidly transforming relationships between “material and immaterial” matter in our new digital world.

Kay Watson, will present her perspective as Digital Curator of the Serpentine Galleries, connecting topics as simulation, photography and how the arts can influence the direction of new technologies

A special screening of Alan Warburton’s video essay, 'Goodbye Uncanny Valley' will be the introduction to the panel ft. Nick, Eva and Kay and will work as a framework for the conversation around the subversion of the paradoxes embedded in the binary nature of digital technologies and platforms, and the visual narratives and languages emerging from it.

Moderators and IAM founders

Andres Colmenares, Barcelona
Lucy Black-Swan, Barcelona

The evening will end with a cocktail and a DJ set by Petra Glynt.

Add a poké bowl?

The Sata Sushi restaurant offers you a special price for this event. Add one poké bowl (including a vegan brownie) to your ticket for $ 15 (taxes and fees included).

See the menu below.


Tartare Saumon

Salmon, spicy mayo, tempura, avocado, cucumber, edamame, mango, carrot, radish, masago.

Pok-Pok (Vegan)

Veggie-chicken, red cabbage, radish, carrot, wakame, cucumber, avocado, edamame, hemp seed, spicy mayo, tahini sauce.


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