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8 days of shopping until midnight; 7 nights of partying until dawn

Multi-faceted artist, underground music aficionado, fashion designer and Montreal tastemaker Renata Morales will inhabit the Phi Centre from June 5th to 12th and program it with her unique vision.

“A not to be missed” happening featuring 8 days of shopping and 7 nights of parties—a fashion hub of late night retail and music.

For 8 days and 7 nights, Renata will let loose her creative muse and show us her musical influences, artistic inclinations, design affinities and culinary taste. She will propose a series of music shows, film screenings and a curated pop-up shop offering exclusive fashion labels sourced from her friends, the most talented designers in Montreal, as well as limited edition items not found in Canada.

Come to Renata's clubhouse and see musical artists: Actress, Tonstartssbandht, Prison Garde, Agor, Petra Glynt, Karneef, Paula, Slim Twig, Young Paris, The Salivation Army, Jef Barbara, Nom de Plume, U.S. Girls, and find items by Complex Geometries, Denis Gagnon, Odd Future, Joe Becker, Morales, and Andrew Floyd, Jouets Lafrance, among others...

DJ sets by Cadence Weapon, CFCF, d'Eon, Jealous Lovers, Ryan Playground, and Anita Alvarez de Toledo.


Renata Morales was born in Mexico in 1975. After studying fine arts, she first turned her interest to painting and to making hand-painted fabric. She then began creating her own clothing lines and quickly garnered international success. That said, Renata is above all an artist: a multidisciplinary artist who designs clothing.

Renata has had the chance to collaborate with an impressive array of artists including Arcade Fire, Grimes, Zola Jesus and Pierre Lapointe. She created all the costumes for Denis Villeneuve’s film Next Floor, winner of Best Short Film at Cannes. She has also worked with filmmakers Pedro Pires and Spike Jonze, and she took part in the Big Bang exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

But it’s probably Yves Schaëffner from Elle Québec who described her best, saying that Renata Morales is the artist-painter of fashion.

Exhibition: June 5-22
Joe Becker

Shopping: June 6-12 (12 PM to 12 AM)
Renata Morales, Denis Gagnon, Complex Geometries, OF/ Golf Wang, Andrew Floyd, Jeremy Laing, Arielle de Pinto, Lyn, Jouets Lafrance

Music: June 5-11 (9 PM to 3 AM)

June 5, 2013
Grand opening night (starting at 6PM)
$200 (taxes and fees included)


·      Exclusive pre-purchase in designer pop-up stores
·      Meet the designers
·      Preview of opening art exhibition
·      Live music performances
·      Meet the artists
·      Complimentary food and drinks

June 5 (starting at 9 PM)
Young Paris, The Salivation Army, Nom de Plume, Anita Alvarez de Toledo

June 6
Slim Twig, U.S. Girls, Petra Glynt, DJ Windows 95

June (starting at 10 PM)
Actress, Agor

June (starting at 10 PM)
Prison Garde, Seb Diamond

June 9
Tonstartssbandht, Paula, SteveJR

Film screenings:  Waterpark directed by Evan Prosofsky
Dogs directed by Spencer Giley and Andrew Hovi (featuring a live soundtrack by Andy Boay and Eola)

June 11
Jef Barbara, Karneef, Foxtrott

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