Past Event

Documentary directed and written by Juri Rechinsky

5 PM
Single movie ticket: 11,75$ (seniors and students: 9,50$)
Phi ♥ Rechinsky passport: 15$ (seniors and students: 12,50$)
Taxes and fees included

Where: Space B (2nd floor)


A documentary triptych about a group of homeless kids, who have survived their drug-addicted childhood, grew up and start to live an adult life. It’s a story about a boy facing the surreal, degenerated society of his native village full of hate and sadistic anger while searching for his mother. It’s a story about a pregnant girl who wants to give birth to her child whose childhood will probably be even worse then hers. But her own sisters are forcing her to have an abortion.

Director: Juri Rechinsky
Year: 2013
Duration: 75 minutes
Rating: not yet rated

Presented as part of our double feature Juri Rechinsky evening, followed by Ugly at 7 PM.

Photo credit: Novotny Film

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