Past Event

A selection of short films following the theme of Skate or Die

7:30 PM
Taxes and fees included

Where: Space A (1st floor)

Rueda: Un documentaire sur Frank Lavallée by Jérémy Comte (Canada, 2012, 20 minutes)

Holy Cow by Patrick Wallner (United States, 2012, 10 minutes)

Rouli-roulant by Claude Jutra (Canada, 1966, 15 minutes)

Killing Season by Patrick Walner (United States, 2012, 23 minutes)

Feedback to the Future by Sébastien Abes (France, 2012, 4 minutes)

SHIT! by James Midwinter (United Kingdom, 2012, 2 minutes)

Day at the Pool by Sébastien Abes (United States, 2011, 24 minutes)

Weight of the World by Flip (United States, 2012, 8 minutes)

Forward Slash by Darkstar (United States, 2102, 8 minutes)

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