Past Event

A web series of concerts recorded on PHI Centre's rooftop

Narcy: July 29th (free)
Hanorah: August 5th
Pierre Kwenders: August 14th (free)
Trinisha Browne & Chivengi: August 19th (free)
Lydia Képinski: August 26th
Jesse Mac Cormack: September 2nd
Kamino & XLoww: September 9th (free)
Imposs: September 16th
Marie-Pierre Arthur: September 23rd (Exclusive to the Canadian territory)
Klaus: September 30th
Waahli: October 7th

Time: 8:30 PM

Price: $13.16
Price Marie-Pierre Arthur: $21.56

Taxes and fees included 

*Both paid and free online concerts are available for 48 hours after the beginning of the event.

In order to satisfy our thirst for musical experiences, for the curious, and for the fans of the artists that have performed on our rooftop, the Sonication concerts are available now as a brand new web series of 12 episodes lasting from 30 to 45 minutes. The broadcasts air every Wednesday at 8:30 pm, from July 22nd to October 7th, with the exception of Pierre Kwenders concert which will be broadcast on Friday at the same time. The performances of Sarahmée, Narcy, Pierre Kwenders, Trinisha, Chivengi, Xloww and Kamino are all offered free of charge. Book your electronic ticket now by simply clicking on lepointdevente.com.

*The Sonication online concerts are available for 48 hours after the initial broadcast. Please note that all sales end 1 hour before the end of the broadcast.

This web series was born from the Sonication rooftop concerts that take place at the PHI Centre until September 19th. These performances are retranscribed on screens accross the building all throughout the day. The Sonication concerts are an integral part of the DESTINATION: PHI programming.

Past Events

Sarahmée (July 22nd)

Sarahmée, now a major force on the Quebec rap scene, is making a remarkable comeback with her critically acclaimed second album, Irréversible. In collaboration with rapper Souldia, Sarahmée delivers an album with an assertive message, reinforced by refined flows and skillfully mastered Afro-Latin rhythms. Sarahmée was the first hip-hop artist to be nominated in the category of Newcomer of the Year at the Gala de l'Adisq, and was featured in the opening number of the Gala broadcast live on Radio-Canada television.

Narcy (July 29th)

His real name is Yassin Alsalman, Narcy is a multidimensional and polymath artist. He is a musician, director, teacher, writer and actor. He currently teaches hip-hop production and rap culture at Concordia University. He tours museums, stages and spaces as Narcy and directs music videos as Yassin. Although he currently resides in Montreal, his heart belongs to Arab culture and his body is firmly anchored to planet earth. Most importantly, he is a father of two children.

Hanorah (August 5th)

Hanorah grew up listening to the classic rock and soul sounds her parents loved. She developed an early passion for singers with raspy, powerful voices, such as Etta James, Amy Winehouse and Joss Stone (to whom she has been compared). In 2012, victim of a sexual assault, she plunges into a state of deep distress. It is by seeking psychological help and reading the testimonies of other survivors that she decides to rush headlong into creation.

Pierre Kwenders (August 14th)

Pierre Kwenders fluidly defuses the boundaries between genres, countries and cultures in his inventive approach to Afro sounds, combining Western and African styles in polymorphic grooves enriched by passionate vocals. Born in Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, under the name of José Louis Modabi, Pierre Kwenders (the name of his grandfather, which he bears in his homage) sings and rappes in Lingala, French, English, Tshiluba and Kikongo, drawing on the lyrical and aesthetic specificities of each language to generate maximum emotional impact.

Concert presented as part of STREAM ON, a project by MUTEK, with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts. Possibility to make a donation. A portion of the donations collected will go to Librairie Racines.

Trinisha Browne (August 19th) with Chivengi

Born in Trinidad & Tobago and raised by her Grandparents, Trinisha grew up in a household of Reggae, Gospel, Hip-Hop, and 90’s R&B which had a heavy influence in her music direction and still flavours the essence of her recording today. Her love for music, visual art, and poetry led Browne to explore various artistic opportunities in the city of Montreal, and in 2016, Trinisha Browne released her first EP ‘Free-write’, which was featured on the website of VOIR Magazine.

Chivengi (August 19th) with Trinisha Browne

Chivengi is a Montreal based experimental r&b singer/songwriter and sound designer. Chivengi brings the audience to a place of self-examination using ambient experimental sounds and r&b melodies, tracing an intimate and vulnerable universe.

Lydia Képinski (available until September 30th)

Lydia Képinski channels her expansive energy as a special child into music, learning classical piano and then guitar. Her stubbornness to always do the opposite of what she is told leads her to be noticed in several contests until the launch in 2016 of a soberly named EP and a dazzling victory at the Francouvertes. The following year, it's at the GAMIQ Gala that she distinguished herself by winning the "Revelation of the Year" and "EP of the Year" categories before giving up the ghost in 2018 on Premier Juin.

Jesse Mac Cormack (September 2nd)

Not everything appears instantly. Jesse Mac Cormack‘s astonishing debut album arrives unhurried: a work of ardent, kaleidoscopic art-rock that is at once a dazzling premiere and the culmination of a meticulous five-year evolution. Over the course of three EPs – 2014’s Music for the Soul, 2015’s Crush and 2016’s After the Glow – the Montreal native has gathered accolades and refined his vision, nourishing a songwriting that is lavish and undaunted.

Kamino (September 9th) with XLoww (NBS) 

Gerry Vincent (Kamino), born in Florida, West Palm Beach, spent his childhood writing songs and learning a few of instruments (mainly guitar and piano) which focused his dreams into the music industry. Soon enough, he found himself immersed in the depths of the rap culture and was enchanted by it. He began rapping at the age of 16 and started releasing his music at the age of 17 when he first arrived at NBS music studio (No Bad Sound).

XLoww (September 9th) with Kamino (NBS)

XLoww is a music producer and singer/songwriter based out of Montreal. Music spoke naturally to her as she began to teach herself how to play guitar, piano and program music. Her voice and unique ear for melodies create a lush intimate experience that is deeply captivating and heart felt. Her self-produced music productions range from heavy-hitting, melancholic trap to minimalist, distorted guitar riffs. These soundscapes compliment and contrast her soft whisper-like words of heartbreak and sadness.

Imposs (Available until September 19th)

Stanley Rimsky Salgado, aka Imposs, is a Montreal singer-songwriter of Haitian descent. The Quebec Hip Hop scene pioneer is recognized as one of the founding fathers of rap Made In Quebec, with experts agreeing on the magnitude of his influence on the scene, both as a solo artist and as a member of Muzion, with his sister J Kyll and rhyme partner Dramatik.

Marie-Pierre Arthur
(September 23rd)

For the past decade, Marie-Pierre Arthur has been one of Quebec’s most beloved and respected artists. After gracing stages across the province and francophone Europe with her first three records, she felt the need to pause and explore new ways to write, play, and sing. Her latest effort, Des feux pour voir, finds Marie-Pierre at her most instinctive, creative, fragile and poignant. Marie-Pierre pushes off the implied limits of her own world, both present and future.

Klaus (September 30th)

Most of the time, when three friends hanging at a bar set out to start a band, it doesn’t go much further than there. However, what usually withers into a faint, unfulfilled thought instead became a catalyst for François Lafontaine, Samuel Joly and Joe Grass as they formed Klaus, a sort of technicolor musical playground they themselves have difficulty defining. Klaus is a collection of musical puzzles created by three professional dilettantes.

Waahli (October 7th)

Born and raised in Montreal to a Haitian family, Waahli is one of the frontmen of Hip Hop supergroup Nomadic Massive. He is revered as a trilingual emcee (English, French, Creole), guitarist and beatmaker. After touring the world's biggest festivals and releasing his first solo album Black Soap in 2018, he now presents Soap Opera, a six song EP filled with an organic mix of Hip-Hop, Haitian and Afro-Caribbean influences.


Sonication is one of the key events of the DESTINATION: PHI programming, which includes many multidisciplinary initiatives (concerts, screenings, installations, etc.) offered in our physical and virtual creative spaces.


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