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A series to savour and listen to at home. First edition with Danny St Pierre.

The series is back this fall!

Gastronomy has always carried the grandeur of the word “sharing”. The table offers the opportunity for a moment of communion, a receptacle of tastes and words on which the social circle is refocusing. To celebrate the human dimension of the culinary experience and honour local gastronomy, the Soundbites series puts the art of storytelling and the power of wonder at the heart of the table. Through this fifth initiative designed in reaction to the confinement, PHI wishes to transport the experience into your home.

Behind every chef lies a story. Through the combination of flavours, they offer their knowledge and experience to their hosts. In a three-course meal to go, the chef will add a new ingredient: his personal story, ready to listen while savouring the meal. A multisensory journey whose every second carries emotions, enhanced by musical pieces from local artists (Misc, Alaclair Ensemble, Dominique Fils-Aimé and Trio Jérôme Beaulieu) selected by PHI specifically to fit the atmosphere. The concept offers two unique opportunities for social convergence: with your family and friends, taking advantage of the opportunity to try the experience as a group and with the chef, who animates the moment.

For the first edition of Soundbites we invited Danny St-Pierre, one of the most renowned chefs in the Montreal culinary world. Today, Danny shows he is not afraid to take risks: in a 180-degree turn, he emancipates himself from his public image to explore his discipline, going back to its sources and reinventing them. Through his stories, the rebel with a fork will make us understand the paramount importance of always questioning established codes, opening the doors of his colourful universe, never linear, constantly renewed.

Three Course Meal

Flat rate

All profits related to food will go to the chef. The hearing experience created by PHI will be sent by email as a link after purchase.

  • Three course meal (all profits go to chef Danny St-Pierre)
  • PHI audio experience (downloadable link after purchase)

*PHI audio experience in French only


Accommodation Danny
175 Rue Ontario East (in the Boxotel)
Between 11am-8pm on the day of each event.

Danny St-Pierre has almost 30 years of cooking experience. After his visit to the Montreal restaurant ‘Toqué!’ he got his first chef position at the restaurant Auguste, in downtown Sherbrooke. Recently, Danny decided to return to Montreal to reconnect with local cuisine. Ever since his return, he has been involved in several restoration projects including ‘Le Central’ and the ‘Toboggan Club’, in addition to his latest project: ‘Accommodation Danny’. During the confinement period, he developed the Danny-style pizza, with a 9-inch thick crust and ‘La Brique’ cheese, inspired by the Detroit style pizza.

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