Past Event

A unique mixture of talks, workshops and interactive experiences.

Doors: 6 PM
Conference: 6:30 PM
Tickets: $55.34
Taxes and fees included

Where: Space A (1st floor)
General admission

The goal of TEDxMontrealSalon is to bring together the effervescent TEDxMontreal community several times a year to exchange ideas, foster friendships and kickstart collaborations.

Under the theme Perspectives on Risk, the lineup will include Mylène Paquette, the first person from the Americas to successfully undertake a solo crossing of the North Atlantic Ocean in a rowboat. Her adventurous story of extraordinary athleticism will inspire you to see and set goals differently.

Aren Bezdjian, the second speaker, is a PhD candidate in Experimental Surgery at McGill University. He will share groundbreaking techniques to recover hearing through vibrations of your bones. Have you ever thought what it would be like to lose a sense? We often rely on our eyes, but imagine a world without a sound. Aren's talk will broaden your horizons on the progress of science and the wonders of the human body.

Embark on this evening adventure and learn how to succeed by managing risk in even the most audacious projects in your life.

Photos: Laurence Labat (Mylène Paquette) + Étienne Béland (Aren Bezdjian) + Tora Photography (TEDxMontreal)

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